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February 23, 2005


steve t

You are now officially a ROCK STAR. Uncle Hugh has proclaimed you "a daily read." Keep up the good work. Just remember, I knew you when you lived in the kitchen on Almansor.


It pisses me off to hear of these insane and senseless bombings. What cowards they are! I'm so glad to hear that your soldier was not killed. He and all of you are in my prayers.

Peace & freedom to all.

Wallace-Midland Texas

Thanks for your service. Keep the faith and stay safe!


Major K. As you of course know, those soldiers killed were from western Minnesota; and news of their lives and deaths was in both Twin Cities papers today, and surely over all the state. None of the men were people I knew, yet because they are from the North Star State, I felt grief and sadness; especially for their families, and, now, seeing your post, for their friends. Hooah! to payback. Respectfully.


Major K
It is an honor to be listed as one of your Allies. I'm sorry to hear of the injuries sustained by your men. As he is in Germany now, and in great hands, I would be pleased to pass his name on to the Chaplain there. The Chaplain Cpt. William Steen is the pastor of my church here in Roseville CA., www.eastparkway.org. His unit was activated and he arrived there a couple of weeks ago. He is one of the greatest guys you would ever want to meet. His heart is so full of compassion for the troops. We as a congregation count it an honor to give him up for 18 months of service to America's best. God bless you all!



Came to your site via Hugh Hewitt (as mentioned above). Brandonblog [Iraq War News] is a Soldiers'Angles blog and posts to keep up with the War in Iraq to help support the troops and their families back home. Looking forward to dropping in often to see what's going on.

Thank you for your service.


Also came to this site via Hugh Hewitt; I am the blogger for Brandonblog (Iraq War News). I'm sorry to hear that one of yours was wounded. I'm sharing your hope that it doesn't happen again. Thank you for all that you and your troops are doing for all of us at home. I'll be posting to let our folks know to check your site out, and I'll be checking in often. Take care, and stay safe.


Major K., I salute you and your men. It is an honor and a privilege to have such fine soldiers protecting our freedom and bringing the worst America has to offer to those who would do us harm. Give them hell and then some.


Best wishes for speedy recovery... and payback. Just wanted to extend my deepest appreciation and thanks for the work you guys will be doing over the next 12 months.



Keep your damned head on a swivel...or I'm going to have Russ grab you by the stacking swivel.


Alan E Brain

Call me paranoid, but if 'twere me, I'd be investigating that auto accident very carefully.

US Medical personnel are a priority target for the enemy. The work they do in the "hearts'n'minds" campaign is invaluable, as is the morale factor for Coalition troops who know they'll be well looked after.

What better way to bag a cluster of them than to stage an "accident", then when there's the maximum number of targets in the kill zone, let her rip.

Of course it could well be just coincidence. I wouldn't assume that though as a matter of course.

Regardless, best wishes to all of you. And thanks.

Sgt. B.


I'm relieved to hear that your war-fighter is expected to recover. I am saddened to hear of the loss of the other three...

Stay the course, keep the faith... We are with you. Get some!

Semper Fi.



Sorry to hear about the injury and the loss of the soldiers not of your battalion. Hopefully that is the worst of it for you and your unit. Stay low and keep up the great work

Standing by for OIF III-IV


I'm praying for you and our wounded brother. Keep up the good work Soldier, we are so proud of you, my heart bursts with pride and overflows through my eyes. I salute you.

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