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April 12, 2005



Glad to hear that the Hunting Trip was a success. Even more happy that everyone came back safe. Thanks for your part in bringing the bad guys in while taking care that our guys returned safely. Congratulations go out to the new Captain. I'm also a fan of his Blog and happy to read the news.

Take Care and God Bless


I just found your blog today and I'm glad I did. I was over at the Mudville Gazette and they featured 3 blogs that posted about the death of Corporal Glenn Watkins. I was familiar with 2 of the blogs but yours is new to me and I think it's great.

I want to thank all you guys for serving both your country and the free world.


You guys are awesome. Stay safe and God Bless.

Chevy Rose

Oh to be forty years younger.......What a great looking group of men.
God bless and press on.


You guys ROCK! Thanks for your sacrifice and service. There truly are a lot of Americans who appreiciate what you men and women are doing there and all over the world. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

Thanks to your families, as-well, for all their sacrfice.

Hooah Friend

Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture & letter!


Super media coverage! Lookin' good!

I also love the "victory strategy" quote from Rummy. I've referred to it often- it's so true. You can't leave until you win- so win, and you can leave! Makes sense to me.....


i'm glad you liked it. It's a reminder that we think of you every day. I love the Nightstalkers hat, thanks so much. LYMYMI, booboo


Great job gettin the bad guys. Many thanks and support for your hard work and sacrafice. Glad to hear no US casualties on this one.

Matthew Krappman

Excellent...saw the coverage on FOX last night and thought it was you. Good job, Bro.





Keith, Indianapolis

Great work, hopefully this will lead to more intel and more captures. You guys are doing a great job, and it is good news to hear about it in the press. The fact that it made the news when there were no American casualties is suprising, and is another indication of a mood swing by the mainstream media.

I kinda put two and two together after I saw the news about this raid, and Thunder 6 when he replied to one of my emails that he was sorry he wasn't responding quicker because big stuff was going on. Glad you were in on this successfull operation.

Also saw Thunder 6's promotion in his email to me, giving me his APO for another care package. Major K - if you like the helmet insert he's getting, email me and I'll send you one too...


Ah, congrats indeed. And thumbs-down to those pukes in the mainstream media who have offended one and all by trying to report the truth of this misbegotten screw-up of a war in Iraq.
Guess what? Enlistments are 'way down. Which means a probable draft soon. Which means the whole rotten infrastructure of Empire crumbles. Note article below:

Three and a half years have passed since U.S. bombs started falling in Afghanistan, and ever since then, the U.S. military has been engaged in combat overseas. What most Americans are probably unaware of, however, is just how many American soldiers have been deployed. Well over 1 million U.S. troops have fought in the wars since Sept. 11, 2001, according to Pentagon data released to Salon. As of Jan. 31, 2005, the exact figure was 1,048,884, approximately one-third the number of troops ever stationed in or around Vietnam during 15 years of that conflict.

More surprising is the number of troops who have gone to war since 9/11, come back home, and then were redeployed to the battle zone. Of all the troops ever sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, one-third have gone more than once, according to the Pentagon. In the regular Army, 63 percent of the soldiers have been to war at least one time, and almost 40 percent of those soldiers have gone back. The highest rate of first-time deployments belongs to the Marine Corps Reserve: Almost 90 percent have fought.

The data sheds new light on how all-consuming the post-9/11 wars have been for the U.S. military, and suggests a particular strain on U.S. ground forces. An increasing number of military experts believe those forces -- the Army and Marines -- are months away from being overtaxed to the point of serious dysfunction. The situation in Iraq must continue to stabilize. If it doesn't, and the Bush administration continues to both reject the idea of a draft and rebuff efforts to permanently increase the size of the Army and Marines, U.S. ground forces will break down to a point not seen since just after Vietnam.

"Unless things start to improve, we will start to see a serious problem in six to nine months," said Bernard E. Trainor, a retired Marine Corps three-star general and a former Marine Corps deputy chief of staff under Ronald Reagan. "I think they [the Pentagon] are betting that things are going to get better. But that could be a miscalculation," said Trainor. "This crowd has been pretty good at miscalculating."

Indeed, the revelation that well over 1 million U.S. troops have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan surprises even close military observers. "Those are big numbers ... a lot bigger than I would have thought," said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense information Web site that tracks the logistics of war. Pike thinks it is too early to tell what the impact will be on the regular Army, but he said the repeated deployments have already broken the reserve forces.


The Progressive Marine just told you of a victory. And you use this victory to tout the failing of recruitors, and the war effort???? It's like one plus one equals the square root of 16.85 cubed. I understand that some dont agree politically with the current admin. but to denegrate the military's efforts just to achieve political points and bang your bent view on an active HERO (whether he agrees politically or not). The low recruitment shohuld not surprise you, since untold millions have been spent to make the military look like criminals, rapists, murderers, top CNN producer claiming US targets press for assasination, torturers on and on. All that while a complicent media reports the claims in "grave and somber" tones. If you call a group "scumbag" long enough, some people will probably think twice about joining the "scumbaqs". Like I said, politics aside you(Major K) are a warrior and the job you are doing is awe inspiring. God bless you and your compadres.


Chyron -

I agree that we need a larger military (that was the point you were trying to make, right). Let's pay our soldiers more, and let's agree as a country that we will support recruitment efforts at all levels in our society. For example, it is time for a federal law that denies research funding to any university above a certain size that does not offer ROTC. Recruiters must be welcome and accommodated on all American campuses (even if there are occasional demonstrations against them).

There are also a couple of other points to be made from the statistics that you throw around. First, having sent over a million people into Iraq and Afghanistan, our military is battle-hardened. We no longer have to worry -- if we ever did -- about how our soldiers will have to perform under difficult circumstances. This makes our military vastly more powerful in the terms of the war that we are fighting than it was in the fall of 2001. Looked at this way, the extensive rotations are a strategic asset, not a liability.

Second, the huge numbers put the casualties in a somewhat different light. We keep throwing in essentially green soldiers, and still casualties remain remarkably low. Using your numbers, a soldier's chances of getting wounded are only a bit more than 1%. The American soldier's chance of getting killed is even lower. (And yes, I recognize that looked at my way, the denominator includes airmen and sailors, but your argument included them as well.)

Boe Simpson

Well I see that our loyal (?) American Chyron or Phyruss or whatever his handle may be has changed his e-maii address again. Whatsa matta Chyron? Can't take the heat?

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