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May 19, 2005


David Oatney

I completely agree with the characterization of Maxine as a moonbat. Almost makes me want to come out there just to work on his campaign.


Please! When I bought my house, the only negative was that Maxine is now my Representative. I'll be happy to help in any campaign aimed at removing her!


Hell with that.... how 'bout helping me oust Byrd here in WVa?

Well, every bit helps I guess.

steve t

Boy, that's a tough one. Sometimes the only real enjoyment to C-SPAN is watching Waters and Byrd, but that's easy for me to say, I don't have to live under their moronic and embarassing representation. Let's oust them and I'll just switch to Comedy Central.


Put me on your list as one who will assist with Waters' departure. She's an embarrassment to our nation.


Tell Currie he should use that picture on his site- it's a really good one of him!


My readers have been instructed to read and vote Lt. C!


Finally something to look forward to in '06. Lt. C -- we're behind you!


Yeah Lt.C. Anyone want to run against Pelosi. I'd love to see her gone. Let's see, maybe I better get a list together first.


Thanks for the announcement, Major K. I did read it on his site yesterday though.

I am an independent who voted for "W" specifically because I support what you guys are doing over there.

As I live in Oklahoma, I wasn't sure WHICH congress but a quick Google search brought up California. Her Web site says: "She was a key leader in five presidential campaigns: Sen. Edward Kennedy (1980), Rev. Jesse Jackson (1984 & 1988), and President Bill Clinton (1992 & 1996)."

Even though it won't count, he's already got my vote. How about just a salute from me?



Tell him to put a Sitemeter up. He's about to get a lot of hits, I think.


For that matter, you should put a Sitemeter up, come to think about it.

Chevy Rose

I've been reading this young man's blog for long time and pray that he does run.

Keith, Indianapolis

Regardless of what party he runs with, he is a fine and upstanding man, worthy of our support.

His eloquence and commonsense should see him to victory.

Count me in as a supporter, and as soon as his campaign is official, he'll be getting a donation from me.

I hope a great deal of soldiers returning from Iraq will enter politics, education and the media. We need people who've been tested by fire in those positions of power and influence. People who can say it straight, and stay honest to themselves.


He's got my vote and my help on his campaign with PR and access to my connections....many of whom would be glad to get rid of Maxine.....


LOL!! Moonbat is right! I'll have to remember that one! Best of luck of Lt. C in that election, we in Louisiana will be praying and pulling for him! I can't wait to tell my Dad about this! When Waters comes on TV, he can't press the mute button fast enough on the remote control, HA! God bless all of ya'll!


I had the honor of attending OCS phase zero with Lt. Currie at Camp SLO, CA. Definetly a squared away soldier. A former Marine, if I recall. His distintive marine cadance calling drove the TAC officers crazy!

LT Parker



count me in!!


I've e-mailed the MIL in SoCal and turned her and her friends (lots of West Point parents in the SoCal area) on to Lt. Currie's campaign. I'm tempted to move back there just to help with the campaign myself.

- hfs

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