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June 11, 2005


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THE POST EXCHANGE: I've asked my fellow MilBloggers to submit "notable posts" they've written in the recent past for inclusion here, with a quick summary in their own words. I've taken the liberty of linking to some of their stuff... [Read More]

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What an unspeakably surreal tragedy. I'm saying prayers for his family.


Damn Major, What the hell is this world coming to? I find myself more and more disappointed in our young, fellow Americans. Not enough of them take pride in their country, in themselves, and in their fellow man. I am sorry for your loss, his families loss, and America's loss. May god judge the murdering,disgrace with a heavy hand!!


My heart has been broken and I am sad, I didn't even know this man. I wish that I did. Thankyou for his story.


..Murdering scumbag..rips right at the heart..almost too much..got this story from T6..So appropriate that you should follow up and bring us closer to Spl. Jorge Estrada..what is it they say.."Only the good die young"..Thank You Sir..He will be Honored..and..You know what they say about 'payback'..it would only be fitting..Semper Fi..
..Our Hearts go out to his Loved ones..Amen..


Damn. Just damn......

I hope his wife has a copy of your post. She'll want to keep it so that the children will be able to read about their Dad- even if he wasn't the biological father.

What a loss.

Some Soldier's Mom

Major, Would you let us know if a fund will be set up for the family and his children?

Our hearts are heavy with such news...


So sorry Major K., so very sorry. We read your Blog constantly and appreciate your ability to keep us informed. We pray for all our service men and women. We will say extra prayers for you and his family at this time.


With prayers.


Such a shame, and a senseless loss. You are right - we will all miss the contribution of this fine young man. Sad for everyone.

You and your men, and his wife and children, will be in my thoughts.




Well written Greg. So, SO wrong that it had to be written.


Thank you for telling us about this. There's more I'd like to add, but this isn't the time or place for it. God Bless ya Greg and God will hold Jorge in his hands.


Godspeed, Soldier.


This is so tragic. I am so sorry!!

Steve Thompson

My prayers are with all associated with this tragedy.


Urrea. What a fitting name for a stream of excrement.


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your men, and with the family of Specialist Estrada. I am so sorry.Thank you for what you do there, to keep us safe here.


Sorry to hear this news, Major. Prayers to his family and to you and your unit. Stay safe.


Regrets Major K to you and your people and to SPC Estrada's family. What a sad and tragic action. I hope they take this imbicile down.


I heard about this on the radio news a few days ago. I am saddened. I am disgusted.

Those guilty include anyone who had the opportunity to teach the killer to use his rational faculty to reach a reasoned understanding about trading value for value instead of acting on emotive whim and refused do so.

Perhaps if the ideologues of our society would focus on teaching rationality, more people would see the value of freedom and understand the sanctity of human life.

Dead murders don't murder people anymore.



Nice pics.

Yet, I cannot see the grouping. Did you put them all through the same hole? If so, was it in the head or the chest?



Major K, It has taken me a bit to reply. The senselessness of this act hit close to home for me. I offer my heartfelt condolances to you, your men, and most importantly the young wife.

stacy lee

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you guys, and especially the Estrada family. You guys stay safe and come soon to us all.

Proud mom of just one soldier fighting for our country


My most sincere condolences to everyone. This was linked on my humble little blog with a plea for any info to be turned over to law enforcement.

Big Dog

I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of a fine soldier. As you very honestly stated, we expect we will lose soldiers on the battlefield. We never expect them to be murdered here in the US.

May God have mercy on this fine soldier and comfort his family in this very sad time. I will pray for them as I continue to pray for all of you.

This old First Sergeant still keeps the soldiers first......

God Bless you and God Bless America

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