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February 17, 2005


Lucy K

It's so good to see the two of you together.I can't wait for our night at the Ritz. Mrs.K and I have been talking about it. Be safe!

Cathy K.

Greg - you made my day! Trevor called me after your visit. He enjoyed seeing you and admitted it was strange that you were both half way around the world. I don't get many pictures of Trevor so I was happy to see the two of you together. I see he is still himself with cigar in hand. Lucy and I are holding down the homefront waiting for both of you to return. Hang in and God Bless.

Courtenay Wells

Dear Greg,
If you tolerate my brother as well as you do, you must be an OK guy. (I'm Trevor's "baby" sister). Not to sound overly sentimental (something Trev hates) but thanks for the job you guys are doing over there. Kick some serious insurgent ass, and we're all looking forward to having our brothers, dads, hubbies, and loved ones back from the fray.
Love Courtenay Wells

Carl Blyth, Sr.

Hello Greg,
We have not met yet, but I appreciate what you and so many other Americans have been doing in Baghdad and the surrounding countryside. Stay safe and keep your wits about you!
Charming little home away from home that palace is. I have some interesting pics of the inside etc.
My son, a civilian, works there and lives nearby. He has been away for a year and re-upped for six more months, 'til October.
Write me if you care to.
With my best wishes and prayers for your safety and success.

Kaye Kleine-Ahlbrandt

Hello Greg, we have never met so you don't know me, but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your letter and picture of you and my son Trevor. It was wonderful to hear about him from you, and it warms my heart to know he is enjoying and sharing his cigars!! Thank you so much, it really helps to see a picture of him relaxing! and grinning!I am very appreciative of the great job you guys are over there, and am proud of you all! You are all in my prayers. God Bless !

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