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March 03, 2005



Pinchy would have wanted it that way! Crack...slurp...mmmmmm...soooo good!


Pass the butter, please!
Do you think they ate him?
Probably something silly like studying him I'll wager.


LOL! I like your definition of the acronym better - eating tasty animals, indeed :-)

Randy Goodlett

Major K,

Thanks for your comments on the 22 pound lobster, Bubba. I am the marine biologist who was in charge of his care for a brief four days in downtown Pittsburgh before he was sent to the Pittsburgh Zoo. There he died a day later and my favorite cartoon comment from the Trib Review had him in a tank with two zoo technicians in lab coats standing by his tank and looking outside with one commenting "There's a mob outside armed with forks and butter demanding that we send out the remains of the 22 pound lobster". LOL. I am amazed that his story got so much media attention and I was getting calls from the media all over the place for several days concerning ol Bubba.

I found out tonight that my favorite Iraqi blogger, Zeyad (Healing Iraq) will not be blogging anymore for a while...blogger burn-out. He and Alaa (the Mesopotamian) have been my spiritual food at night, for I learned over 9 months ago that I could not really trust what most of our media was telling us about Iraq. As my wife works for the liberal paper here in Pittsburgh, I have even had some heated discussions at home about Iraq. You guys and the innocent Iraqis are my heros. Keep on doing what has to be done and I will be here praying for all of you guys every day. God Bless and stay safe.

Randy Goodlett, Pittsburgh, PA

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