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March 17, 2005



I have read quite a bit about this same topic. I have even read where there will often be two people in a vehicle and one will be drunk or drugged. They may even be unconsciencious. Their foot is braced or tied to the gas pedal. As the target is approached, the other occupant jumps out..???

Greta Perry

Your John Kerry comment will carry me through the day LMAO!!!!


Sick. I guess that is what they do when they start running out of willing martyrs?

Some Soldier's Mom

Sounds like this might be outside my son's FOB. Such a dispicable, cowardly practice. I find the almost deafening silence of the Muslim community against such practices -- especially that of their clergy -- so beyond the realm of my own comprehension! It is difficult to put into words the horror of these suicides (homicide w/b more accurate in such cases) and the assisted suicides because of the targeting of innocents. When will the rest of the world wake up and realize the anti-Iraqi Forces are just evil, evil, evil?


Are the Iraqis getting better at setting up "vehicle traps" to stop these VBIED from getting closer to crowds of innocents? It occurs to me that the Iraqis must be getting pretty tired of these foreigners killing Iraqis...

Good post, keep up the good work and thanks!

Mixed Humor

It's amazing how much damage those car bombs do...thanks for sharing your photo's and thoughts. Just recently found this blog and will be checking back in.

Be safe

Brian H

There's getting it right, and then getting it REALLY right. This is the latter.

Given the notorious efficiency of the Iraqi grapevine, would it be worthwhile starting true rumors about this practice? It would surely reach the ears of the potential dupes/mules soon enough.


Gretta, my remark was anything but a "Kerry" remark to me. My nephew was killed in Kuwait on March 5, 2004 in such a manner. He was my sister's only child. He deserves the Purple Heart but did not get it!!! Still I support this war efort and our President. It is always best to keep disagreement over issues and politics nonpersonal as in respectfully disagreeing so as not to lose more than body parts from "LMAO" it off. I apologize apologize, Major K, for not ignoring the comment. The anniversary of his death was last Saturday.

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