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March 01, 2005


Brian H

Yes, imagine being the one (hypothetical) person in charge of deciding how to maintain security and preventing a "loose lips" disaster or two or two hundred. How would you go about it? I actually don't envy the Army et al. the task or the problem.


Sir, one of our boys from Weston, MO, just up the road from me, was killed on Friday from an IED.

You know, this is one of those towns where everyone has a flag out and yellow ribbons with signs that say "support our troops".

Now they are taking up a collection to name the ball field after him. He was 22 and very active in the community coaching baseball in the summer and other youth mentoring programs.

Another good one gone from us.

The men who killed him could never be him.

Thank you for carrying the torch for us.

Stay safe. Keep up the good fight.

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