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March 18, 2005


Wallace-Midland Texas

Looks like you visited some Bloggers....appears that they have their pajamas on!


You on lead-footed drivers...

That's comedy.

Glad you're ok!

Some Soldier's Mom

Yeah, we joke in our house that we don't let our son drive our new car when he's home, but he's driving a several hundred thou in our tax $$ all over Iraq!! Except that I know our son likes the NVGs (and 1SG tells me he's his best night driver) I'd say the "going too fast" sure sounded like him!!

Glad all were ok!


Thanks for your awesome updates about life over there. You do us all proud.


Yes, I too must echo the comment of my Galic friend. Oh Greg, how you forget "Rhonda-the Honda" and the curves she sped down the 'ol Sacred Heart Hill!!!!! Speaking of that I am well reminded of the power o ffriendship, and its healing powers, as Mr Brian Lueken will attest. I am also glad to know that just sometimes you receive a little candy, instead of give it!! Finally, in the midst of an accident in the darkness.....everyone has a sense of hummor! ....and yes, had that been the family car......Joan would have killed me!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, it was.....and yes she did!!!!!! :)

Be safe!!!! You are in my prayers.......as is my little blood brother next to you!


David Mullins

I am retired spec ops and am damn proud our all our troops and want to do all we can back here in the US to support you. I have had four tours in the middle east and the last being in Mosel for several months.
I will help get life saving gear TO ANYONE NEEDING IT OR DOES NOT HAVE IT. Soldiers have to have the vests and armor and level 4 plates as well as the add on kevlar for the back of the helmet and side plates for added protection for the sides of their upper torso. I wish all soldiers well, be safe and we the AMERICAN support you. God Bless us all. David


I think we should ditch the hummers and start putting machine guns on top of F-250s! Then you'd have to dispatch a wrecker to clean up the pieces of concrete barrier...

In all seriousness though, I am glad that the Iraqi army didn't shoot at you. Especially if you were giving an Italian commie journalist a ride. Dan Rather would have to come out of retirement to 'expose' the scandal...

God bless you major


The young can be so trying can't they. They think they are invinble. You handled him well.

I too thank you for sharing what your life is like over there and what it's like for the Iraqi too. Tahnk you!

Wild Thing

Sooo glad you are OK.
Thank you so much for this site to come to and read how things are going for you and the troops with you. You all ROCK!

"Freedom! No Word Was Ever Spoken
That Held Out Greater Hope,
Demanded Greater Sacrifice,
Needed More To Be Nurtured,
Blessed More The Giver,
Cursed More Its Destroyer,
Or Came Closer To Being
God"s Will On Earth.
And I Think Thats Worth Fighting For."



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