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March 03, 2005


Brian H

Yes, the MSM is trumpeting the stellar success of the democratization project, and marvelling at how light the casualties have been compared to any and every historical precedent. Isn't it wonderful? At long last, responsible and intelligent journalism is being offered to the long-deprived public, hungering for something more than superficial boom-boom reporting.


Great blog! Thanks for both blogging and (as if I need to write this) protecting the USA!

Please remember that the protesters and MSM are not the majority and their views do not represent everyone back home.

Another Beth

Thanks so much for sharing that info! Even if we got the news that there was a firefight, we'd never know the payback connections if not for you... :)

Keep up the great work! You're in my thoughts and prayers.



Good reports!

I have started checking on you on a regular basis since Greyhawk is back in Germany and Avenger Red Six is back home.

Without you blogging, we wouldn't have a decent idea of what's going on over there.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are over there!


You guys ROCK!!!!! Keep up the good fight & thanks for all you're doing over there & thanks for blogging.


As the saying goes...YOU ROCK! GO GET ME SOME!

Stories like this are exactly why I would rather spend my time reading blogs than watching the news or reading the paper. You never hear any *good* stories coming from Iraq or Afghanistan. Did you know that our guys in Afghanistan are still coming under fire (rpg's, small arms, etc.) nearly every day? That NEVER makes the news- NEVER. It makes me so angry sometimes.

I hope you continue to provide us with a glimpse of your life in the Sandbox. Thanks for being there!


DITTO to AFSister.. After the shenanigans at CBS,I decided I was wasting my time entirely
with the MSM. Now it's Powerline,Soldiers For
The Truth,BlackFive and you. Blogs from the
front are the only way to get the real story.
Keep up the good work and tell your men THANK
YOU from Indiana.


Fantastic blog, sir! I found out about you at Clarity and Resolve. This Chief Petty Officer salutes you! :)


That's awesome! You guys definitely rock :-)

It's great to read stories of our success (US and Iraqi) to balance out all the gloom and doom that is foisted on us every day as news.

Keep up the great work there, Sir!

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