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April 19, 2005



First post here, but won't be the last as long as you keep it up. Good to see some people who are optimistic about the mission for a change. I'm a civilian doing GIS mapping for Fort AP Hill in Virginia, and it's really interesting to know a bit more about what the soldiers coming through here on their way to Iraq are experiencing now. I see them all over our ranges, driving their Strykers, etc through the base, but don't know any of their stories. Nice to finally read one that is both eloquent and uplifting. Good stuff.


Patty Burgin

I just wanted to thank you for the free air I breathe and the honor of waking up a US citizen. Everything all you soldiers do is for us and I am grateful. Please take care and know that many of us are praying for your safe return.
God Bless all of you!


oh to be young..

used to love PT.... now I avoid it in favor of beer.

Oh well....


We miss you big time Bro!
Keep up the good work.
Amigo, you say you are not getting PT, but I bet that you are getting quite a bit chasing around those terrorists.


Thank you for your service.

I just found this blog today and will be reading it regularly.


Dear Sir,

Not to be forward or anything but KIIIIIISSSS, and HUuugg. Just from someone who is appreciative of all you do

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