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April 11, 2005



I know you love history as much as I do. Also remember what happened between the end of the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention (see link). Sometimes, democracy is not simple.

Love ya.

paully (and lisa and owen...)


Sorry, that didn't work, did it? Here's the link:



You are correct in what you say about our media. What is truly sad is not enough people in this country can speak or read the Iraqi language well enough to translate. I would think it rather offensive to the Iraqi.

We have always had the pompous idea that if you want to come to America or do business with us then speak English! What most disturbs me is that our intel people must rely on "informants" because they don't have trained linquists. Aren't we capable of learning anymore?

As far as the progress made in Iraq, it is amazing in all areas. They are on an acclerated path. I fear that they are moving too fast sometimes so they will lose sight of realistic goals.

But, the good thing is they are fortunate to have "you" guys to help them out. What you have all done is truly inspiring. Not only have you all shown great skills as soldiers, you have managed to do so with compassion and empathy. A feat quite remarkable in inself.

You build schools, give the kids books, pencils, paper, shoes, candy, stuffed animals, and clothes. You teach the men how to rebuild those things necessary for their everyday life like running water, electricity, houses, and schools. Many are taught trades that give them a meams for self support. You are in summary giving them back a feeling of self worth and self dignity. Not little things.

Strange things for an "occupier" to be doing wouldn't you say? I salute you all!! But don't get frustrated. As children rebel just before they are ready to go off on their own, I would expect the Iraqi to do some of their own rebelling." I am curious how it will display itself and how quickly we will recognize what is happening!! Does this make sense to you or am I just rambling?

Matthew Krappman

What about the Whiskey Rebellion?!


There was the United States under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles were introduced in 1777 and were ratified in 1781. For a ton of reasons, the Articles failed. (Reasons included: the central gov't had to beg the States for money and States could set tariffs against each other.) The Constitution was later created to fix many of the errors previously seen in the Articles of Confederation.


Pass on to your troops our pride in and appreciation of their work. Regardless of our media and the second guessing here, progress is being made.



Major K - I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you and your troops to look at not only media but politicians manipulating the war into the political arena. I get frustrated by the media thinking this is just like the police working out of NY or LA. But yet, they are not held to any kind of standard themselves. You just have to remember that most of us in flyover land do appreciate and are very grateful for what you and your troops do.


Keep up the good work Major..

I have to shake my head in amazement as of late, especially when I look at the nominees for the Pullitzer Prize. The photos show damage, assasiniations (There's a lot of debate about how this photo was taken, but I leave that to others better informed than I) soldiers taking cover and other scenes of damage and chaos.

It's news all right, but why is "hard-hitting" journalism limited to scenes of death and destruction? It's as if they cover ANYTHING else it's seen as a "puff piece". Boot-level diplomacy is news- Wouldn't you say?

They appear to be obsessed with covering the cost of war to the exclusion of all else. This will bite them in the butt one day, and I hope it leaves a big, big scar. They do you and us a disservice by molding themselves in the image of the war-weary, cynical vietnam era journalist.

Hold on and keep moving. Most of all, keep writing- It's a nice counterpoint.


Super report...but the best news is like you mentioned: How the young people we have trained to kill are showing tremendous good judgment and flexibilty.


In my neighborhood you guys are heroes. The media elites don't understand the culture and mind of ordinary people who see the common sense of our policy in Iraq, who hope and pray for the best outcome for Iraqis and ordinary people, worldwide. Keep going. We, the people, are with you.


Amen to all of the above.

I hope you get a chance sometimes to share our words of support with your guys. We believe in you and we appreciate you greatly.

The Iraqi government is incredible all things considered and the commando and police units as well.

Thanks Major K. for everything you've done.

Brian H

Don't spread the mis-info about SH. After the ceremony, SH was ASKED if he wanted to watch a TAPE. He said yes, and did, but wasn't made happy by the viewing. No coercion involved. Sorry.

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