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April 18, 2005


Mark James

I don't speak Dutch either, but to make it easier to find, you should edit the link to the exact page:

Brian H

Hey, no prob, bro'!

Here's Systranet.com's effort:

Agreeably and welcome on my unwieldly.

I here my complete mental have hou and keep up.
Rested a silence of a couple did not indicate weeks keeps right I that I have died to a overdose alcohol or food implies too short.. it normally spoken that I have little to tell... if too much hide feel put back rather on a response and with only luck get you still a response of me........

. . .
13 April 2005
Football and drains
Then vanavond Jimmy at home came I decided languit on the bank TV go gluiren and to my stupefaction PSV were still for wrestling with Lyon.1-1 first lengthening and seemed stretching. I weet how the rest of the game has gone, but within 2 minutes zat I there is not entirely in it now that I a pronounced football supporter is, a more teletekst supporter of Dutch football and if I then somewhere for must be then is the RBC (opzich already funny).
I zat on the bank with imaginary PSV t-shirt with PARK (can lee also as a matter of fact 22#).De small vechtersbaasjes can there, however, being. First lengthening... 22#..tweede lengthening tension incurred.
The first dry detonation could there being I thought then all that PSV the winner would become.

Gomes in the aim he proved personally that there a god exists, he who we not yet know but it extremely intressant conversation will be are because but to be continued move lips. It could even voodoo be be and with that he for me to tovernaar have been gone up. The poor french did not manage it (was it as a matter of fact, however, a French man who the first time missed? 22#).Beasley proved that at the latest does not lie and body language speaks always truth (for this reason he also the first was at the last PSV hero who it finished 22#).Al with already 30 minutes top entertainment for moi and also a reason to crawl behind the PC..

What else are new today?





Mark James

Hi Major,

If you go here:
they have a Dutch to English feature that will tranlate this page:

Here's the few lines that talk about your blog. You can see that he is just saying your on the group reporting is different than what you read in the media:

I have therefore rightly come exactly on weblog's of some GI's in Iraq separately of it or that war well or error is and if I myself find that well or error is I am deeply under the impression of vele unwieldly.

It is news also other then what you see each day on the news. Tales which do not obtain the newspaper as a result of which everyone who sits on distance sees everything totally differently people "ate ground zero"

A good web-unwieldly: Major k

Make sure to check out this page which the copyright notice says you can freely copy:
164 Jihad Verses in the Koran

Keep up the great work!

Mark James


Nice of him to catch on and post a link here...smart man :) looks like a pretty good site. now I know why I should have been paying attn in 6th period German...sort of like that math I swore I'd never use, I coulda used the Deutch just now!

hooyah you guys! you really do rock!


Hi Greg,
Here is another website that will translate.


Google/more/translate is also helpful sometimes but I couldn't find "dutch to english" translation there.

Keep up the good work - You and your fellow soldiers are in our prayers.



whaa !

I just logged on today to take a look at my netstat numbers and I just thought : Uhmm a server just decided to go awol and directs traffic to my barely living weblog, but NO!!

Well what can I say ( big smile on my face while writing ): I try to catch up on Maj K weblog every day ( like I do Thunder 6 and LT C's blog ) as a part of "the world is bigger then my line of sight".

I digged thru the comments that refer to a translation of my logs, and I have to say that it looks more like "lost in translation" than what I really wrote.
I posted a translation of how I ment it ( http://soulrebel.web-log.nl/log/2347514 )

If anybody feels like they want to know my personal stance on Iraq and the US : I was a lil kid in 1990/1991 and I believed the world would punish evil people. It didn’t happen then because the good people where weak and they still appear weak today just because they make a bigger point on how we look at them today instead of tomorrow. Freedom is a price not a yell and it’s sour to see that it costs life’s of a armed force of another country to work and fight for that freedom. That is what drives people that have a deeper sense of the world then just their backyard. I cannot scan the mind of GW bush and I dont really want to because it's prolly less sincere than what I write here, but does that matter? Does it count? What is the formula to count this? I only know one thing: there is only 1 weapon of mass destruction and that is the mind. That’s just where I want to end it with.

Maj K : I really “love” your blog ( those aren’t the words I would pronounce while under the shower ………language barrier ) the same goes for Thunder and C. I support your effort and all that carry around “the burden”. I’m aware my country does not ( REALLY DOESN’T ) support anymore ( by public) , but our marines and our commando’s ( their base is right across the street) did pull off to create a safe zone in the south-west of Iraq which remains a “cool” area today. The Dutch marines will hunt terrorist side by side in the afghan as the only western ally that dares to venture in the areas that might offer a bodybag in return.I hope you make a safe return as like I hope you comrades will !

You might end with : Yoohaa or Simper FI ( spelling ? )
I end with:

Lugor Et Emegro

( I struggle but I will surface, I worstel, maar ik kom boven )

SFC Sherman Gardner (Ret)

Hooahh! I used to be the BN FSNCO for 1/184IN before getting out in 1999. I want to wish you guys success in all that you do and thank you for your sacrifice. If you get a chance, tell SFC Gregory I said what'z up!

Hiki No!

Douglas Williams

MAJ K - can you send the info to Anthena Ferguson regarding the offer for assistance in MD? I lost the email. I have included the latest greatest info as I have received from the Fergusons and could you forward the info below to Danjelica's blog, I don't have the link. Additionally, she is okay with anyone having her email address, so here it is:

[email protected]

The latest on SGT Ferguson from his wife, Athena:

James is staying stable. He is still in ICU and under high sedation. It is not a chemical induced coma though he is very sedated. He is still responsive to pain and his pupils remain reactive to light. He ran a fever most of the day but the doctors did not give him Tylenol since they are trying to make his body work for itself. His body finally responded by itself this evening and I was elated. He is also coughing and that is also good the doctors are telling me. It is going to be a long road but he is strong and I know he'll get to the end successfully.

Please tell the people that were with my husband at the time of the explosion how much I appreciate their heroism and responding so quickly. I only hope someday I can personally tell them how much I appreciate them and being the reason my husband came home to me. Thank you.

I also want to thank everyone else that were there in Baghdad and helped with his initial treatment and fast evacuation to Lansthul. I also hope I meet all of you and can personally thank you for allowing me to still have a life with my husband and our daughter still have her dad.

Please stay safe offer there. You are all heroes so don't "try" to be one. Stay safe and come home to your families.

Loving my soldier
Surviving results of

If anyone is interested in supporting the Fergusons by donating to the trust fund here is the information as given to me:

SGT James Matthew Ferguson Trust Fund
c/o Washington Mutual Bank
325 East F. Street, Suite A
Oakdlae, CA 95361

Cards and Letters can be sent to:

SGT James Matthew Ferguson Family
P.O. Box 1111
Oakdale, CA 95361

CPT Williams

SFC Greg

Hey there Sir; Just was doing a search and found your site. OUTSTANDING!!! How are you? Hope you are enjoying being back as much as I am...lol

SFC Greg Parkinson

SFC Greg

Oh, yea... www.oif3soldier.com Hope you enjoy.

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