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April 17, 2005



Great news! I'm sure Cpl Watkins is extremely proud. Thanks for keeping things up to date and letting us all know the good things that are happening.

E. T.

Congratulations to all of you on this fine job; I'm so glad you were able to capture all those involved. We are proud and grateful for all of you, and thank you for getting the stories out that the media doesn't. Keep up the good work.


Major K, you guys ROCK.... keep up the fight and tell Capt Bout to post so we know he's fine also!!


Major K-

I am glad you caught all those 'scumbags' that killed CPL Watkins! Good Job!! YOU and I quote "Guys Do Rock"
AMEN And May GOD BLESS!! Keep the Faith as well as the fight Sir!
: )


Payback's a bitch.

Keep yer head up and 'check 6'.

Oh yeah.... thanks.

Cap'n Yoaz

Great work! It's good news too that the locals have been inspired to help you fight those terrorist S.O.B.s. At this rate, Iraq's going to a vacation spot for my grandkids! *grin*

You've got all of us behind you all the way. Tell the fellas to ignore those red-diaper babies who run CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC, most everybody here does.

Carry on.

Boe Simpson

Praise the Lord!! Major K!! Keep Rockin" and Rollin'. This is what I've been hoping and praying for. That the Iraqis would get fed up with the murdering thugs and cooperate with our troopers.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it Phyruss, you cowardly wimp.

Cap'n Yoaz

Way to go you guys!!!


I knew you guys wouldn't rest until those weenies were caught! THAT, Sir, is exactly why military intelligence needs YOU.

Superb job! Currie will be so pleased!


Great Job!


Very nice.
Thank you.


You really came through on this one...Thank you so much!!!

Some Soldier's Mom



Awesome!! Congratulations on having such a great result from all your hard work. You guys definitely rock!


Praise the Lord for guiding you to them. May He give them no place to hide. Thank you!


Great job Major K. Tell all of your men congratulations. I'm sure CPL Watkins is smiling down on all of you. Rest up - then go get the other bad guys! Keep up the good work.


Major K.,

Your men are special! Congratulations to them for a job well done!


great news. thanks for being there and doing your best.


Congratulations, that is really great news.
God Speed..Come home safe.


Thank you ALL SO much! Be well and know there are those of us whpo hold you in our daily prayers. I only wish I could buy you all a cold one when you get back home!

You guys are truly wonderful.


Well done, Major.

Get some well deserved rest.


OUTSTANDING! Great news, you guys are awesome! THANK YOU!


Nice work. Thank you.


I can't say I am surprised they offered no resistence, but I was hoping to hear some bad guy had twitched the wrong muscle at the wrong time. Keep up the good work.

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