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April 18, 2005



Thank you guys for all you do. It is very much a appreciated. May God watch over you all and bring you home safe.


Skin So Soft works really great as a bug repellent. I live in high desert in Arizona and we have some whopper flies here. Also those horrid no-seeums in the summer, not to mention the spiders. If I'm using the Skin so Soft they stay away. If I forget and do get bitten, then I use a great product called StingEze by Wisconsin Pharmacal Co. Prevents the bites from turning into welts. Maybe your family can send you some. If not, give me a holler and I will.

Thank you for all you do for our country.


Note the dirty weapons, raggedy uniforms, and glum expressions of these dispirited reservists.

My Lord! Even the filthy Hummer has a clean windshield....
You have a damn fine unit.
Keep trying to make your AO as clean as your kit: Drain the swamp literally and figuratively.

Thanks and God Bless


Terrific job Major. These Islamofascists do not deserve much except to be brought to reckon with their crimes. As a moslem who understands them, let me tell you that these people will destroy the world as we know it, believing so self-righteously that they will inherit the virgins of heaven. Their beef is with civilization. Their only language is force. Their method is anything goes - including innocent Iraqi children.

For an indoctrinated moslem, "the mind is a belief seeking device not a fact seeking device." (c. Matt)

We middle easterners appreciate what you are doing for Iraq and wish you and your buddies safety. One day in the future, you will surely be asked to come back as our heros - as those who delivered us that invaluably precious commodity called freedom and civil society - worth far more than all the miserly oil and gas under these rocks.

az sarbaazaan e emrikaayee baayad tashakor kard


Well done Major. Thank you for getting the bad
guys. God Bless you and your men..and God Bless
the Watkins Family.


There's nothing i can add to the above except to say thanks. Stay as safe as you can.


Can't beat the annoyance of the "Swamp Flies" we were forced to deal with, Cowboy! I'm delinquent on all accounts, but I am certainly glad to hear that you're doing A-OK. Kim and our family send their best, and know we've been thinking about you.

Be in touch...


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