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April 20, 2005



Thank you for your service.

Be careful.

I am 38 years old and live in Oklahoma City. I served under Reagan but nothing happened when I was in.

Please keep posting as I get most of my news off the Internet. I do not watch much television and rarely read newspapers anymore.

Again: Be careful. Thank you.



Oops. I'm 48, NOT 38! Where DID the time go?



God bless and happy hunting. You and all your men are in my prayers!


Thank you for your service.

I am a red-state libertarian in a blue occupied land, but Arnold may free us yet.

I want you and your buddies to know that you've got support here back at home.


Brian H

Moore's Law has been celebrated as the most successful guess about technology trends in the history of such guesses. There is a certain self-fulfilling aspect, of course, since expectations have driven research and marketing, but in terms of throughput and power, it looks to have another 20 years perhaps, with G. knows what technologies picking up in the meantime.

Godwin's Law is not of the same order, but it's a pretty good warning sign that a discussion is about to turn useless and toxic.

Brian H

Murphy's Law is infallible; just wait long enough. That's cheating, but I like the weird variations you get when you start with, "Anything that can go wrong, might." But the original is even more amusing: "There's no point in trying to make things foolproof, because fools are so ingenious!" Gotta love it.


Stay safe, Major K.



Thanks for serving. Know that there are many people who hold you in their thoughts. Stay as safe as you can. Godspeed.


Thank you for the kind words, and most important- Your dedication and service-
Taking cheap shots at a soldier in the middle of an active combat theater is the lowest thing (IMHO) that anyone could do- Some are there by choice, others because they are living up to their end of the bargain, even IF they didn't forsee any of this.

It would appear that I only write things like that when I get annoyed. It's been building for a while, and- Well.. They needed it. (Yes, Phyruss, I'm talking to you..) I try to play nice as a guest here in the comments section, but on my site I can make the rules of ettiqutte up as I go.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and your soldiers and keep posting. The real news has to come from somewhere.


Thx Major K for the link to Rob's TFT.


Is it just my imagination, or did that "Tinfoil" weblog have a light-blue, more intricate template design when I first followed that link above, some minutes ago, but then change to a more-basic blog template when I went back to that site?

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