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April 26, 2005



I am sure things are hard for you, but I hope you know how much your service is appreciated. Thank you for each and every day you protect us and our freedoms.


Sorry to hear of the loss. Your reporting on it is much better than that of CNN, etc. which would have no mention of honor, sacrafice, and hardships that you guys/gals endure over there. CNN would just go on to list what her death brings the casualty total to. Stay strong and safe.


Your fallen comrades are in my thoughts.

Thank you again for your service.

The enemy you face...well, you know.
Please keep the news coming as I do not watch television.

Thanks again.



Godspeed to PFC Samantha Huff.

Thank you for putting a name to the numbers the MSM mindlessly reports. You do the Lord's work, Major.


I am so very sorry about Sgt F and Pfc Huff. I hope Sgt F recovers and has a full life. If a young woman can suddenlt start talking after years, then if anyone will make it Sgt F sounds like that person.

May God bless Pfc Huff and her family. May he also look after the rest of your unit and keep you safe.

Thank you is such an insignificant thing to say right now, but I cannot think of anything better. Your troops are lucky to have you.



Thank you for your dedication and your service. May God hold in the palm of his hand those that have gone on to be with him, and those that remain to fight the good fight. My family thanks you for our freedom.


May the soldier of freedom Samantha Huff Rest in Peace.

Iraqis are forever grateful to her.

May the coward IED makers be found and punished for their crime and treason to Iraq.

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