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May 26, 2005


Matthew Krappman


If you need operation code names, I have the imagination to provide them. Here are some examples:

Operation "What is Best in Life?"
Operation "Pass the Peas."
Operation "Take Out the Trash."
Operation "Animal Style"
Operation "When Russ Comes to Town."
Operation "Tight Chest"
Operation "Ruler Scar"
Operation "Noble Brother"

The last has been well underway for sometime. Can't wait for Operation "Homecoming." Let me know if you need me.




I absolutely LOVE "Operation Tight Chest!"

may I add:

Operation "Flying Zucchini Brothers"
Operation "Belly Buck"

miss you Greg!

- paully


The operation name-game could go on indefinitely. Here's one which may come from the Left:

"Operation - Kill 'em With Kindness"

My favorite so far is "Operation - When Russ Comes to Town." Though, "Flying Zucchini Brothers" does have a certain panache.


"Operation Flustered Cluck"
"Operation Exasperation"
"Operation Holistic Conundrum"
"Operation Carpe DumDum"

Garland Byron

I enjoy your posts so much. Thankfully America has people who still serve her with honor, duty, and dignity. I have never served in the the military but was raised in an army family in the 1940's and 50's and always loved the people and the culture. My father, 89 yrs of age, is an old infantry officer of the 28th infantry division and served thru Paris, the Hurtgen Forest and the Bulge and retired in 1961. He is of the same faith as you gentleman. 9/11 broke his heart but his pride in the Army has helped him recover. He is still an old mustang in heart and soul.


Major K, I got a letter from the Military Chaplains that sends the Bible care packages and adopts troops for prayer, they need your last name and Lt. C's. Can I forward you their email so you can respond to them with what they need. That way you don't have to give out info to someone you don't know, which I wouldn't do, and then you can also check them out first before you decide if you want to give them the info. The y said they meed a "real" last name, not a nick.

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