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May 07, 2005



Major, you and your troops are doing a terrific job. I have actually seen two [2] positive reports on MSM this past few days about the Iraqi and how well you guys are training. Needless to say I was left speechless!!

Well, you take care, you and your men. God Bless you all. Again, tghanj you for your service.

Agnieszka O.

Yeah, I saw a report yesterday too. I was waiting for some stupid comment, but instead it was a positive reporting on Iraqi special units training and execution.



Keep up the Good work that you continue to do everyday. You are doing an excellent job! Thanks for doing such a job - as well as keeping all of us safe here at home! I love you blog posts. I must admit you have me hooked. :)
Thanks again for being such a great Soldier! God Speed Major!
God Bless you and all of your men! I will continue to keep you in my prayers, Sir.


Major K:

Thank you for posting a bit about the Iraqi forces and how they are coming along. I am always curious about this.

Thank you for your service!


Papa Ray


Conservation and accuracy must be a local condition. Back in the day, the locals I had contact with, valued each round like it was gold.

They never had much to start with so they didn't know we had an almost endless supply to give them.

Now, fire control, in my old unit before I got kicked to LLRP, was almost non existant. Until one night we were unable to get re-supplied.

The guys that spent the night with almost no ammo, remembered it the next time.

They were even more scared shitless than usual.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Sissy Willis

Trackback didn't seem to work. Here's my post on your post, which I love:



How about:

"when there are still rounds in the magazine, there is hope for the future"

Just a thought


I worked with Honduran army in early '80s, and you are right, fire discipline is hell to drum into city boys. Operated with troops from 54th Mtn Regt, all mountain boys and they had excellent discipline, though once they figured out they had access to the"infinite gravytrain with biscuit wheels" they did tend to burn up alot more ammo. Pa is right, LRRPs look at the world a whole lot differently than Linedawgs. Every time that resupply ship whop-whop-whops its way over you EVERYONE knows where you are. You learn to hump all you can, and hoard every round like it was an only child. Nothing runs the old puckerfactor up like having only one mag and single grenade and not a friendly face for 10 kilcks in any direction. Except when the radio craps out and you can't even call in firesupport or extract birds. Spooky. Keep on keeping on, Sir, we are praying for you success and safe return. Later on.

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