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May 29, 2005



Last night I heard an interesting pool question, "Why isn't the MSM" reporting about the crisis of the American illegal border crossing. This was a poll by the CNN reporter, know his name but got a block right now, who every night does a special report about the border problems. What struck me was his borrowing a blog term to help draw in people. But his topic, though of grave concern, is one he has been giving indepth coverage for months with a heavy slant towards "failures" of "this" administration. Again slanted news coverage, and selective news.


Congratulations on your success regarding Haifa Street! In recent weeks I've seen pictures in the media of soldiers and children that were off-handedly described as being in Haifa Street. That made me suspect things were going quite well in Haifa, though I never saw stories about it. I'm glad to know my suspicions were correct! :)

Keep up the great work! We love all of you and are so proud of what you are doing.


Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.+

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