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May 12, 2005


Keith, Indianapolis

The logic is very simple.

Cash is nothing compared to the lives of our soldiers.

If some of my cash can help you guys stay safer, and fight the terrorists, I will spare all I can. If I could be there fighting beside you I would be, but that is no longer an option for me, so cash it is.

If the government were to post war bonds, I'd be buying them up. Or if the government were to increase our taxes with the funds going directly to help the war effort and not the defense contractors, I'd be for it.

Keeping those informants alive and well, helps you with your job, which will make the mission successfull, which will bring you all home sooner, rather than later...

Take Care...


I wish I wasn't so strapped for cash right now, otherwise I'd be sending over ten pairs of handcuffs for you.

I highly reccomend these guys though: http://www.handcuffwarehouse.com/chhaco.html

the chicago brand is a very high quality cuff for its low price. its no S&W, and it's definitely no Peerless, but for the money they can't be beat. (especially the stainless models!).

you might want to see if the company would be interested in making some donations to you guys. and I'll see if I can dig up a hundred bucks to send you as many pairs as I can. get me your shipping info and I'll see what I can do.

Keep up the good work!


I have in my possession two pairs of handcuffs, one S&W and one Peerless. As I am now retired, I no longer need them and I'm sure you can put them to good use.
I will mail them with keys to the HHC address as soon as possible.
Thank you for your service and God's blessings.
Dave Vet, U.S. Army, Korean vintage


Great effort !

I would like to help and donate.. JJ, Maj K is there something I can do? JJ sended you a mail.

Regards S-R


"The logic is very simple.

Cash is nothing compared to the lives of our soldiers."

Well said!


I only get a monthly disability income. But I have a resourceful brother. I'm going to see what he can help me with for you guys. "Don't ask?"-lol!


ciao, vi sono vicina. grazie per quello che fate. con affetto patrizia


Hey Maj. K., don't be so surprised that we're all "here" and want to help out. Sheesh. That's almost an insult.

CHS makes a good point re donations. In my experience many companies are willing to donate. Sending JJ an email.


Maj. K., ditto to what MAinMUC said. We are all in this together. You are never alone.


You guys never let us down,we'll never let you
down. Love to all y'all.

David Ellis

Major K.,

I just came across your blog and see that you have a need for handcuffs. I am a police officer in Oklahoma City and would like to help. Tell me a bit about your unit and it's mission (OPSEC cleared info ofcourse!), so I can tell the guys when I'm hitting them up for a donation or equipment.

Stay Safe!


Jack Kint

Perhaps I missed it, but your site does not seem to include instructions for shipping gear to you. Please post those instructions or tell me how to find them. On the subject of handcuffs, I propose to have the vendor send the sets to you directly. Maybe some other readers would like to pool together to order a quantity sufficient to get a better price from the vendor or free shipping.


I don't know about the quality, but http://store.merchandizerdirect.com/moramhc1.html
is half the cost. If it were to be OK, (qualitywise) everybody could have twice the quantity for the same money

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