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May 01, 2005




Just heard this morning on Fox of another partial actuation of a car bomb where the "insurgent" survived.

Could be your guy. He was FORCED to do it they say,his wife and kids had been kidnapped.

IF this is accurate,it is both sad and good because it shows the terrorists are already scraping the bottom of the cannon fodder barrel.

Some Soldier's Mom

"They were manufactured by our good friends, the French. They were all duds."

The French? The missiles? or both???


Brian H

Maybe he doesn't. There are plenty of secular educated Sunnis who barely nod in the direction of their sectarian identities. Further, some Sunnis in safer areas did vote. In addition, there are 49 Sunni seated in the legislature across all parties -- ignoring the Kurds, who are also all Sunni.

So participation seems like a no-brainer to me, not to mention that the gesture helps defuse dangerous hostility on your 6.

Finally, as many Iraqi bloggers have complained, the sectarian division is to a great extent a put-up job in the first place, a mental shortcut for the Western MSM and a convenient lever for the anti-liberationist dividers and conquerors. So your friend's state of mind is unhelpful and symptomatic of the partial success of this divisive tactic and strategy. Zarqawi would be happy with it, notwithstanding the fact that his particular sect regards all Shia as dog food.


Thanks for the news Major.

I am interested to know more about Iraqi troop strength and the organization of their military.

Anybody who has participated in politics can vouch for how frustrating it can be at times. In Oklahoma City today, Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin called for a quorum vote in the state senate and somebody cut the power to her microphone and the electronic voting. A voice vote had to be held.

As frustrating as the political process can be, it is good that people are talking over their differences in a civilized manner instead of shedding each others' blood.

Please keep the news coming.

Thanks again.



thanks for the picture. you look tired but I'm glad to see a small smile on your face. lymymibd, booboo

Chevy Rose

Glad all is going ok. Keep up the good work, we're praying for your safe return.


Hello Major K.

I just copied this off of Netscape News: "On Tuesday, insurgents attacked a checkpoint in Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad, and 12 militants, an Iraqi soldier and two Iraqi civilians died in the fighting, the U.S. military said. Two Marines were slightly injured, the military said, adding the fighting also wounded four insurgents and two Iraqi soldiers. Five militants were captured, the statement said."

Do you know anything about this? Can you comment on this?

Are five "militants" being interrogated? What do they have to say?



Missiles made by the French turn out to be duds! Via la France!

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