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May 04, 2005


Gulf War Vet

Mjaor, you're a horse's ass. And since I retired as a colonel, salute when I call you that. Ritter is spot-on correct. Bush and his neo-con bunch have not only fouled up Iraq to a fare-thee-well, they've gutted the armed forces. Why will the new QDR focus on retention and recruitment? Easy. The Army's missing recruting goals all over the place. People are getting smart. So as the Reserves and Guard get tapped out, and as fewer people sign of for Bush's Wars, what happens? The draft happens. Oh and Major--wrap yourself any tighter in the flag and you may cut off the circulation.

Fyodor Garibaldi

Mr. Ritter destroyed his credibility years ago. Only the leftist press and the drooling morons who still believe it take him seriously.


It seems that Mr. Ritter's words are a boost to the enemy. If his words cause even one insurgent to think he can succeed by killing more Americans, then I would say that makes Mr. Ritter a traitor. Hang in there, Major. There are lots of folks supporting you.


"Mjaor, you're a horse's ass. And since I retired as a colonel, salute when I call you that."

'Gulf War Vet', a person is known by what they say and how they act. I don't care what rank you say you retired with. Your words and tone here warrant you no respect.


I was a kid delivering newspapers during "Vietnam."

I remember when we WON the Tet Offensive; thus eliminating the Viet Cong as a fighting force. I remember the raid on Song Tay just outside of Hanoi toward the war's end. I remember intense frustration at the fact that the government would NOT allow us to wipe North Vietnam off the map.

Iraq is NOTHING like Vietnam.

Ritter is an asswipe and does want us to lose Iraq.

...And speaking of ass wipes, if that other commenter REALLY IS a colonel then I want him to kiss my ass because he has no business wearing a uniform.


Hey, "Colonel." What time do your parents make you log off the computer?


Thank God that Colonel is "retired".

Sounds like some familiar talking points to me.


- - "Bush and his neo-con bunch have not only fouled up Iraq to a fare-thee-well, they've gutted the armed forces. Why will the new QDR focus on retention and recruitment? Easy. The Army's missing recruting goals all over the place. People are getting smart. So as the Reserves and Guard get tapped out, and as fewer people sign of for Bush's Wars, what happens? The draft happens."- -
Where to begin?
A volunteer army missing it's recruiting goals? In wartime? My goodness, your OER must've been the envy of your peers. With those keen observational powers you should've made flag rank..

However- I really doubt your authenticity. I really do. That paragraph smacks of 2nd year Poli-sci term-paper. A low "C" at best.
IF you were a Colonel, or had any real contact with frontline troops you would know that the instant their boots hit the sand and blood was shed it is'nt "Bush's War", jackass- It's the "soldier's war".
Salute when you say that.

Mike Bacon

Well, Colonel or not, someone that hides behind a psuedonym to take blog pot shots is a coward in the first place. I am getting back in uniform for several reasons: Opportunity, school,retirement bennies, etc., but deep down because I know where I belong and I need to serve my God, my family, and my country. Quit hiding "Colonel". I do believe the United Nations is on its way out since a the EU is growing and it won't be long until they form their own foppish, liberal pretense and have no use for the UNs easychair diplomacy. We as Americans (and other nations like us with the same dedication and courage)need to stand up to garbge like Saddam. The world needs to be safe for my children and grandchildren and so on. Thats whats happening. An Mr.Gulf War Vet and Mr. Ritter can thank countless numbers of military men and women for their continued right and ability to speak and write what they may. Did you think abou that Colonel GWV?


Why do people whose political ideologies lean left feel the uncontrollable urge to call people on the right childish names during discourse? This peculiarity has come to my attention more in the years since Republicans won back the White House. It's the equivalent of a spoiled child holding his breath or stamping his feet to get his way. It illustrates with IMAX-like size and clarity the dire straights democrats find themselves in today, lacking so much in the way of political capital and traction on any issue, especially the War in Iraq. I have heard people say, and I'm paraphrasing: "if you think this war is not about oil, then you are a f**king idiot." Brilliant. Listening to Air America yesterday, a commercial for one of its shows played a clip of the host saying about Bush: "this stupid idiot!" Convincing. I've heard from conservative friends whose liberal wives have called them morons while dicussing the War. Charming. Why don't they just call Bush what he really is: a spoiled, little, stupid, big, fat, dummy-head. Then the class will go "ooooooOOOOOOOOHHHHH?"


Those in the Army are reenlisting, even the reserves. http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0503/p01s01-usmi.html

Not sure what the Left will say when recruitment spikes in June and July. Guess we need to wait and see :)


go get 'em Nally! Your turn.



So, I'm about 3 sheets to the wind after taking an old friend and his wife out to dinner. The friend's father just passed away and they're in town for the funeral. I got home and decided to check my old friend Greg's blog for followup comments from "The Colonel" only to be disappointed. I was hoping to engage in some jingoistic and bellicose discourse. Although I'm sure "The Colonel" is not one, I've had a chronic fantasy all evening of beating the living tar out of a disaffected Gulf War veteran officer. If there are any out there, I'd love to meet up with you and have a nice chat. No weapons. Just your pot-belly and my fist in your mouth.


Let's not forget Mr. Ritter's *multiple* run-ins with the law in 2001 for his 'allegedly' soliciting sex with underage girls...

Ray Huttig

If you can find a copy, you might want to read Lewis Sorley's "A Better War." It shows a very different picture of Viet Nam than what the media put out then and now.


I am sorry to be blunt but I find this a$$hole'$ interview with Al Jazeera to be treasonous. He is endangering the lives of American Troops and Iraqi citizens. He is also empowering the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. I find it hard to believe Scott Ritter was once an American Intelligence Officer for 12 years.

David Marron

Major K.,

I'm glad the Colonel is retired...I'm not suprised he is as angry as he is. If he had that outlook while in uniform I'm sure he was due for "retirement" as his Commanding Officers most likely found him unable to perform his duties to even the most minimal of standards. In the fire service we have a term for people like him its 5x4ers, i.e, 4 years of experience with 5 differnet departments all in the same entry level position and somehow they think they have 20 years of experience.

Keep up the good work, and prove Scott Ritter, his follwers and one sorry excuse for an Officer wrong. Oh and I'll always salute the rank Colonel...but my middle finger will be extend especially long for you as a person.

No psuedonym needed.....David



WOW first time I have read your posts even though I have read your blog for about a month. You have quite a following. Keep up the good work. We scored another win for terrorism yesterday when we captured #3. If someone out there doesn't think we are at war you need to read the intelligence I see each week of what is happening in good ole USA and the day to day fight we have in trying to keep the bad guys in check. I am proud to be a soldier and proud of America. MAJ W.

Soldier's Dad


What Army did you retire from, Saddams?


dont forget: the kernel's constant reference to "neo-con's" doing this and that. Neo-con is the intellectuals way of saying CONSERVATIVE JEW HAWK. Neo-Con, Uncle Tom, et al are the tags the left like to put on minorities who trend conservative. Did you hate Jews and War when you were in the military kernel? Or do you just hate Jews and War when a Republican is in charge.


Hey Scottie-Dog!! I was in Nam and you weren't. Lyndon, Tricky Dick (my CIC) and Walter "This is the way I'd like it to be" Cronkite lost the war through breaking civilian morale in the media. We were winning when I left..... Get your butt-buddy the kernal and see if you two can take down an old man without Michael Moore as a WMD....
Your choice of weapons.
My choice of turf.


I won't buy Scotts book! I won't buy Fonda bitches either!!!


Didn't Scott Ritter get arrested for being a child molester??

Don't worry about what this scumbag says.

Alan Furman

Speaking of pathological Vietnam-nostalgic defeatism, Rolling Stone has joined the party:

"The Quagmire: As the Iraq war drags on, it's beginning to look a lot like Vietnam"


They have a circulation of 1.5 million. I hope the blogosphere reams them for this.


Dear Gulf War Vet,

As a Muslim middle easterner suffering under an Islamic dictatorship, let me tell you that not only you are a Traitor to America, you are also a "traitor" to the people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, ..., and to each and every middle easterner.

It is people like you who are cheering the incessent suicide bombing and it is people like you who cannot tolerate a free and democratic Iraq, cause you believe that freedom is only good for yourself and your buddies.

Fortunately most American people and their statesmen have the vision to see that a democratic middle east is good for all. Please do not bother to shed tears for us anymore.

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