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May 04, 2005



What a traitorous piece of shit.

Mustang 23

Maj K,

Good post. I saw that article too. It is a steaming piece of ....

I have never met COL that talks like that.

Very poor showing whoever you are.


I'd almost believe he was a disgruntled retired American Colonel - right up until that flag comment.

Nice try.


George Bush does not care two hoots for democracy but for the oil, as simple as that. And if he got to send his hyper patriotic violence triggered lads to blow the bits of everyone then he his fine by it.
The hell with ur budget, expensive high school education, and social security. You americans wont get what u want. So kiss ur dreams goodbye. Good luck with ur wasted dreams.


How dare you all be so disrespectful to the Colonel?

Don't you know that there has NEVER been a successful escape from Stalaag 13? He deserves more respect for such a sterling record. Dismissed!


ESL...that comment is hilarious!

He's a Colonel and Im Angelina Jolie!

As for Ritter....he's a traitor, and a liar. FULL STOP!

Fast Don -1st Cav-70s

War is hell no matter how we slice it. Vietnam, Iraq, anyway, hope this thing turns out better than the Jewel of SouthEast Asia. Did my duty , ass in the grass stuff, do not wish to return , or rehash history. I have moved on, and forgot about it nearly. My older son is in the Coast Guard, and my younger one in College. I have not encouraged them or discouraged them. They live their lives, but i said if you get the notion, then jump out of a perfectly good air plane( a real thrill), Airbourne-yah haa. 1stCav years ago.

Steve P.

Scott Ritter is an embarrasment to his country and giving aid and comfort to ememies of his country. The first word that came to my mind was treason, so I googled scott ritter treason, and landed here. I began my military career during the VietNam experience and would not have given aid and comfort to the VietNam enemy, as I would not do for current enemies, foreign or domestic. Scotts words can fuel more attacks on the US and allies. I am only a retired 05, but if I were on Ritter's Jury, I'd vote to convict him of treason, and life in prison would not be enough punishment.

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