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June 20, 2005


SGT Jeff (IRR)

Major K,
I sympathise with you on spending your first anniversary away from home. I was recalled to active duty 7 months after getting married, and spent my first wedding anniversary in a decrepit barracks room on Ft. Campbell...

Lucy K

No one could wish for a better husband. I waited so long to find you that surely one more year is worth the wait. I miss you like crazy and we have a lot of catching up to do. Until then, I await your return with open arms...come home safely. Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day!!! I love you!


How I won her love I will never know, but I am grateful.

You're a hero.

'nuff said.


Happy Anniversary and congratulations on becoming a father!! From what I've read here, you are and will continue to do your Dad very proud, indeed.(referring back to your Father's Day post also) My very best to your lovely wife who is as much a hero as you are. May this be the last Anniversary you spend apart!


Happy Anniversary. I agree with the others. You and your wife are both heroes. Congratulations on the birth of your son. And your Dad would have been very proud of you today.

David Oatney

Major K...congratulations! Many happy Anniversary returns!


Good looking couple, Sir! Congrats....


Happy Anniversary Major K.

I wish you, your wife and your new baby receive all the joy and happiness one could ever get.

Yours truly,


She's hot.


Happy Anniversary....you two are a stunning couple and you both radiate this love you share deeply!

Im sorry you can't be together..but I am grateful for the many sacrifices you both have made.

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

- George Sand -


Dear Sir: Happy Anniversary and a belated Happy Father's Day to be!! Thank you so much for your service to our country. May God keep you safe!


sigh... so beautiful! Happy anniversary to both of you!


That photo has a quaint 60's type of feel. The genuiness comes out. Really cool. Congrats! God bless!

Ric James

Congrats, Major! As a 17-year veteran of that particular theater of operations, let me wish you many, many more to come. We're praying for all of you.


Happy Anniversary to you both - and many, many more!


What a beautiful couple!!!!! Happy anniversary to the both of you.

Some Soldier's Mom

Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many, many happy and fulfilled years together -- May all your Dreams come true (and may all your problems be "little ones"!)


Has it been a year already? Happy anniversary Bro!
Justine and I will tilt a bottle of wine tonight in your honor!
con Amor,
von W's


"How I won her love I will never know, but I am grateful."

I've known you since birth, so I ask myself that question on a circa-regular basis. I guess great minds really DO think alike.

Scratching My Head and Sincerely Yours,



Love you, bro. Congratulations!!!


Congratulations and thank you both for the sacrifices you are making.


You two make a beautiful couple. Congrats on your one year mark - save up the celebration for when you are together again.


I know how you got her....it is that cute look on your face when someone gives you a noogie--I remember it from your youth :-)
Congratulations to both of you! Our anniversary is the 21st--19 years. We will lift a toast to you two---I mean three. Thank you for you sacrifice--Ginny and all


Happy Anniversary!

May God Bless you both for the sacrifices you are both making for this country. America truly appreciates it, I truly appreciate.


Hi Major K.

Do you think it would be a good idea if US advertises that any Iraqi who can lead to a credible IED will receive a reward of $200 ?

I mean, if Iraqis are paid $150 to plant an IED, then somebody would gladly receive $200 to tell on the location of this device?

US is hit with 30 IEDs a day. That will only cost $6,000 !!! I would even pay $1,000 per device discovered and this fund can even be raised on the internet! Each platoon commander should be given a cash wallet to pay the informer right there on the spot, and make this job easy for the Iraqis.

Also, there should be a bounty on any working ordinance that is turned in.

What do you think?


Happy Anniversary Major K.

Blessings Always,

Blue Star Mom

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