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June 20, 2005



Maj K,

You have the right stuff...you learned well from your father, and you will pass it on to the next generation without fail. Without men like you, we would not be worth saving.

Thank you.

Derek S. Ford

Major K.

You ARE a father! So happy father's day!

And thank you very much for sharing your poem with us. To me... It fits my dad so perfectly it's almost scary.

My brother and I took dad out for a round of golf for father's day (He's really easy to please and so very hard to live up to). The golf was really ugly, but much fun was had.

Keep yourself and your men as safe as possible.


Pam in Fresno, California

It's said that if you want to see how you show up in the world, look at your children. Soon you will have an opportunity to do so. In the meantime I want to thank your father for raising such a fine son who believes in love of God, love of country and love of service. I want to thank you for allowing me and mine to sleep safely tonight. Thank you for being of service. And finallly, I want to ask your Father in heaven to see to it that you return safely to your family's loving arms. Happy Father's Day!


Thanks, Greg. I miss him too.



Happy Father's Day Greg, (you too Paul and John)
you all are good men and good fathers and that pays tribute to dad.
Love you

m. p. sheehan

What can one say about a Life? God Bless you and your family. Your dad was right about the things you wrote about. How did he get it? From his dad, family,and life experence. As you are the result, He was a Fine Man! Be Safe BE QUICK AND GET HOME FASTER:)

Stacy Torres

We didn't forget you or Estrada this Father's Day. God Bless You!

Douglas Nilsen

You make us proud. My family and I think of you often and we want you to know we appreciated the work you and the military are doing to keep us safe.

Douglas Nilsen



It has now occurred to me that all we young men who had father's we revere,have a complex about "measuring up".

I cannot tell you how many times I have told my own now grown up children how I always had this lack of self confidence about being as good a father as mine was.

Something tells me your son will feel the same way and as his father before him,will become a great father as well.


I can add nothing to what has already been said. God Bless you Major.

By the way, did you get that pakg from the Chaplains group yet? I hope so and that there is something in it that will give you some measure of comfort in coming days.

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