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June 08, 2005



I wonder if the Americans and IA have thought about this trick:

Manufacture thousands of mortars and RPG rockets, of the kind used by the terrorists, and millions of AK47 bullets so that when they are fired, instead of propelling to the target, they would immediately explode in place. They will then "weather and soil" these doctored ammo to look like the real thing.

They could plant a few of such doctored ammunition around hot spots, or sell them to ammo dealers, or when they find a cache, replace the ammo with the doctored kind, and just wait for the doctored ammo to enter the terrorist ammo stream.

Now when a terrorist fires a mortar, it will self-explode in place and kill the terrorist. An RPG shooter will also get killed and the RPG launcher will get destroyed. With bullets, the rifle will be destroyed.

Even if 10% of the ammo is substituted like this, after a short while it can take a huge toll. Best of all, only the terrorist is the one that can get hurt.

What do you think?


Negotiation is a learned art...but you and I know that. The important part is exactly what you have already pointed out. They are LEARNING to negotiate. Democracy is a hard subject to learn becuase the concept is fluid. The Iraqi people are doing a phenomenal job and they will get better and better at being free with each meeting. With you guys to help them through the rough patches they will not fail. If I havent said it enough...THANK YOU Maj. K and THANK YOU to your guys...what for? For showing up every day and doing the job so incredibly well no matter what the job is. You guys are amazing!!

Some Soldier's Mom

I'd be interested in knowing what were the major issues and sticking points? what will be the first issues addressed when next these parties meet? how did they react to the americans there? do the sheiks seem to understand that they are a part of the solution or did they profess that they could do nothing? An interesting post, I hope...

In the mean time, keep up the great work!


Major K, your description of the meeting reminded me of another milblogger's story of working with a city council and the local Sheiks...


I'm so excited by the work that both of you appear to be doing in helping the Iraqis learn to navigate their newfound freedom. You guys are awesome!


This is one of the most important things happening in Iraq as far as recontruction is concerned, but is skipped by the media. I guess a bunch of middle aged men sitting at a table trying to discuss plans for the future isn't sexy enough for them.....


Armynurseby, its also might make people think it isn't a total disaster over there. Can't have THAT, ya know...


Yeah, the MSM and some of our other whatever they call themselves seem to see none of the good that is going on. Major K, I agree, you guys are really doing an awesome job. Thank you for all that you are all doing. You guys make us all so proud of you and all you are doing over there.


Great post, and great blog.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for serving.


Our smallish town had to have a special meeting
last night to appoint a new mayor. It was so calm
and reasonable,no excitement whatsoever. I told
my friend "Gee,I was hoping for some controversy"
He fixed me with an "Are you crazy?" look and I
smiled thinking of this post. Yeah,I didn't want
controversy really. Peaceful transitions of power
are just fine. Thanks for reminding me Major K!


in response to the question about flooding an "enemy" area with "dummy ammo" (exploding AK rounds, RPGs, Morters), yeah i have thought about it for a years. i know israel does this with morters, some kassams, RPGs and some explosives. it hasn't been done with AK47 rounds. i have no idea why not. it would probably be the most effective, and cheapest way to almost completely neutralize the insugents.

they all carry AK47s, it's not a problem to get the ammo in circulation, and most of all it's not a problem to make an identical looking round that has the explosive power to not only destroy the gun, but kill the person who's firing the weapon.

and yes, i think it would be an excellent tactic because it would be impossible to know what round you're firing, and the person would be playing russian roulette every time the gun is fired. this would obviously make people think twice about using their AK. eliminating that weapon is the most important thing as those guns are all the insurgents personal protection. if they have to give up that weapon, the war is over. nobody is going to run around without a gun trying to launch morters.

to the best of my knowledge, we don't do any of this, i have no idea why.
i wish someone could explain why not.

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