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June 28, 2005



The Sentinel's Creed

My dedication to this sacred duty
Is total and whole-hearted.
In the responsibility bestowed on me
Never will I falter.
And with dignity and perseverance
My standard will remain perfection.
Through the years of diligence and praise
And the discomfort of the elements,
I will walk my tour in humble reverence
To the best of my ability.
It is he who commands the respect I protect,
His bravery that made us so proud.
Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day,
Alone in the thoughtful peace of night,
This soldier will in honored glory rest
Under my eternal vigilance.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Arlington National Cemetery,
Washington, D.C.

I am deeply saddened to read ...

My condolences to his family.

I am sorry to hear another brave soldier cut down by a murdering thug.

for our safe tomorrows He gave his today... RIP

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wishing you Good luck soldier


It alsmost hurts too much, to know how to comment. It's so hard on mom's & family. Lord give this soldiers family the "Right Stuff" to deal with painful blow.
Love Pebble


I hope you get him Major K. Lay a trap for the sniper (I am sure you know how). Draw the terrorists out and get him exposed - then drop him. Even if you get the wrong sniper it will be a setback for the enemy.


So sorry...you, your men, and now all of Dub's family, continue in our prayers. LYMYMIBD Ginny


To Sgt. Duplantier,

May Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest, Sweet Prince.....



Find him, Fix him, Finish him.

Thank you for standing in the gap Maj K.

Grace & Peace.

Pam in Fresno, California

Earlier I posted this at T6'S blog, and I just came from Russ's blog--I forget you guys all know each other very well. Let me say it again, if I may: e must go rejoicing in the blessings of this world, chief of which is the mystery, the magic, the majesty and the miracle that is life. At this moment many hearts are filled with grief at the loss of Sgt Duplantier and I pray for divine understanding of how to accept this loss. I pray that his loved ones and friends are filled with peace. I pray that his loved ones and friends are filled with comfort. I pray his loved ones and friends are filled with acceptance and strength. Listen closely with your heart to hear him walk along side you with courage. And as Patton once said, do not mourn this man's loss--be grateful and celebrate that such a man as he has lived! God's speed. Get home safely, and live a long and happy life!


I'm sorry to hear about the loss of one of your soldiers. Here is to hoping for peacefull rest and equal justice.
-(hopefully future Inf. Off.) Vandegrift.

Some Soldier's Mom

Amen, Pam.

We hope all Sgt. D's family, friends and compatriots find peace and comfort in his friendship and the memories you will always hold in your heart of this extraordinary man and selfless soldier.... and will pass to his daughter so that his sacrifice is never forgotten. She must always know how her father touched men's souls... it was his gift to all of you.


Rest in Peace ... Sgt. Duplantier
May you soar with the Angels, and peace come to rest in the hearts of your family.


Each time another hero is killed it becomes more difficult to express my sorrow. This is nothing compared to your sorrow. Please accept my regrets. My prayers go out to you and your comrades and his family.

David Oatney

Well..I hope you find him...Firing squads are too merciful for some of these people.


"Well Into the Night"

They gave their lives in defense of their country,never once faltering at their tasks. Heroes in every sense of the word, these brave souls have done as we asked.

They gathered their gear and went to the front, young men and women with fear on their faces, Soldiers with courage in their hearts, they set to their task, they began the hunt!

Through desert sand in a hot unfriendly land, they marched to the cadance of soldiers past. They fought our enemy, one by one,outgunned, outmanned, they fought to the last.

Noone can say that these brave soldiers, young men and women fron all walks of life, Didn't do their duty as they had been taught, with courage, honor, dignity, and pride, they met the challange of war, head on, they marched into the midle of the strife.

But not all our soldiers died on the battlefield as we know it, some were taken by thieves in the night. These thieves came, as cowards do, in the shadows of darkness.

They came and took our innocent friends and families, and yes, our troops, not as honorable soldiers answering the call of their God and country; but as crazed, angry men with hate in their hearts, seekers of power, position, and personal agendas.

They owe allegiance to noone, including the God they profess to follow; Though their war was begun many years ago, they escalated their campaign one morning in September.

They blend into the crowds like a second skin, suicide bombers, young and old; misguided murderers who like to pretend, they fight for freedom and Religion.

They put bombs on trains and under cars, they strap them to women and children; noone is safe from their depraved behavior, they ram our troops cars from behind, attack randomly from the shadows, all in the name of their holy Savior.

Yet through it all, with heads held high, and pride in their hearts, our soldiers continue to rally and fight; As one comrad falls, and another steps forward, they continue the fight,well into the night!



Major K, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of this hero. I know you all will get the worthless thug that took his life, and I know that "Dup" will be watching over you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


..Take a deep breath..say a little prayer..your friend will live in your minds and hearts forever..Amen


Major K. I have known Arnie since he was 12, though im a couple years older he was always my big brother, and best friend.
I beg of you, when this coward is found please show no mercy, let him be aware of the pain he caused ALL OF US. Taunt him, torture him, he has to pay.

Stu Clark

His dad works in the same organization as I do. I am going to make sure I go and tell him thank you for his son. Though I have not lost a family member, I have lost friends (I lost a good friend in Gulf War I).

When you get the SOB, hit him once for me.


Take your time, Major. This guy will come into your sites in time...when he does, squeeze one off for all of us. Stay safe.


Good luck hunting the sniper, sooner or later he is going to make a mistake and I have no doubt that as I type this that a US sniper is watching and waiting. Is this the same sniper that Michael Yon was talking about that has killed three soldiers so far?

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