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June 13, 2005



I agree with you. That man is a coward.


This is so sad...


..After reading these two articles this becomes even more tragic..every one will suffer a loss here..all the way around..Jorge looked to have such a promising future..Fabian's life is altered forever..and Liliana..poor little girl..caught in the middle of all this..makes
it even more tragic..

Jackie Estrada - Sister

i miss him so much. he was the best brother anyone could ever have. the situation really put my family in stae of shock. he was a nice person, why would anyone try to hurt him? he never did anyting wrong. Jorge was and forever will be my soldier, my hero, and my big brother. he will always he in our hearts, forever, until we unite once again. and if i ever come across that FABIAN, he will not get away with it!


Bless you and your family, Jackie.


All my prayers Jackie, and for your family. I lost a brother (not in such a violent way). I can feel your pain somewhat. You will always have your brothers love and be able to draw strength from that. I promise.

David Oatney

I can't imagine the grief of Spc. Estrada's family. I just want you all to know that I am praying for you.


My heart aches at this story.

Blessings, all of you.

Ana Flores

Jorge you will live forever in our hearts.

Love you.

Greta Perry

Please keep us posted on this one. Prayers and thoughts with all involved. A senseless killing of a hero.




This is really very disgusting.


This is such a tragic situation. I offer Jackie my sincere condolances. I recently lost someone in an avoudable manner.

I hope they catch this guy soon. I will keep the family in my prayers. Thanks Major K.

Diana V. Estrada

Thank you all for the support Liliana and I need all the support we can get. Jorge was not only a wonderful husband but my best friend and great father. Liliana and I miss him so very much. Now all i can do is stay strong for my daughter untill we meet again in heaven. I will forever love my Jorge. We love you Jorge!
Your wife,
Diana Estrada

SGT . Kenny Prado

I served with SGT. Jorge Estrada at Fort Drum. Yeah, He made his Sergeant. Me and our friend Julio pinned him the day of his burial. Man, I would have loved to pin him with his stripes. It's a big deal to earn your stripes in the army. I remember when he showed up to the hospital room with a bottle of tequila after the birth of my daughter.(pic on PE.com, search Jorge Estrada)He always found a way to celebrate. Thats what I loved about Jorge. He was always there to lift your spirits even higher. Jorge is a brother to me and Julio and forever will be. We'll miss you, man......


God Bless You and Liliana in your time of great loss. If you ever would like to talk just let me know. My husband met Jorge and became friends with him while stationed up at Ft. Drum. He was very soft hearted and one thing I will always remember was how much he wanted a family. I happy to know he had that before he passed away.


Response to Diana
If Jorge was such a wonderful husband, why did you keep coming back to Fabian's bed? Every time you left his room he came out with hickies. Remember someone walked in on you. I'm just sorry we didn't take pictures. Liliana has one father and that is Fabian not Jorge or anyone else. I'm sure you'll be strong but not for Liliana but for yourself don't worry you'll find someone soon if you didn't have him already. To me this was all
your little setup.
No way will you meet Jorge in heaven for you'll burn in hell for all the pain you have caused 2 families not to mention your poor daughter who will be raised by such an evil family. Remember the word "Evil" is how you referred to your mother. I guess like mother like daughter.


Did you ever read Matthew 7:1? Here it is for you: Jesus Says "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." I understand, IF all this even happened, that you and your family would be upset with Diana's actions. But to lash out and tell someone they'll burn in hell is completely uncalled for. In your response to Jorge not being Liliana's father... just because Fabian was the sperm donor does NOT make him a father. Here once again is a difinition for your family:


A man who begets or raises or nurtures a child.
Seems to be everything Jorge was and was going to be until he was MURDERED. You all need to stop trying to turn this on Diana. She did not have the gun in her hand nor did she pull the trigger. Fabian, yes Fabian, was Jorge's Murderer... Once again I'll tell you Fabian is in control over no one nor is he controlled by anyone but himself, he made his bed, he needs to grow up, turn himself in and lay in it. You all need to stop pointing the fingers at Diana or anyone else but Fabian. She did not distroy your family... Fabian did. I'm glad Liliana will grow up knowing what type of sperm donor she had, because if Fabian loved that little girl at all he would've never jepordized her life by firing a gun around her, nor would've he taking the best thing she had in her life... Jorge. And again I'll ask you... maybe you'll answer me... but I doubt it. What did Fabian think he was going to get out of murdering Jorge? Did he really think he was going to get custody of Liliana? I mean, come on! He had a better chance with Jorge being alive to get custody. And who knows, if Jorge wouldn't have been there who would've he pulled the gun on then? WAKE UP!


My prayers go out to Jorge's family.He was a very good friend and fellow soldier to my husband and his absence is greatly felt. I really wish people would stop posting ignorant comments on this blog, placing blame and spreading hate. Jorge's life and memory need to be celebrated. I am glad I was able to thank Jorge for everything he has done and his positive affect on our family. I know he will continue watching over our soldiers till they return home safely.
Rest In Peace....Gone but never forgotten


Do what you preach. You read matthew 7:1, because you are doing the same by talking trash about Fabian.
And yes Diana did everything I said and more.
Definition of father: An originator. I don't know where you got your definition.
I'm not making excuses for what Fabian did. I know it was wrong but she had something to do with it so we will never stop blaming her also. Yes she did destroy our family you have no idea on all that she did.
I only wonder if you would feel the same if she had did it to one of your loved ones. Someday Liliana will grow up and start asking lots of questions and she will know the truth. Maybe then you can ask her how she feels about all this.
Just because you think Jorge was the best thing in her life doesn't mean she will feel the same way. How do you think you would feel if you were taken away from your father at birth?
I don't know what Fabian thought when he pulled the trigger I wasn't there. But I do know something must have triggered it. Had he only waited a few more days
Jorge would have left and Diana would have been back in his bed and you would have never know he existed.


Please, stop this senseless blaming. It is done. Nothing anybody says or does will change it. A life has been taken and many lives have been destoyed. Isn't that enough? My husband was a friend to Jorge and served with him in Iraq. He was a great man and that was all we needed to know without all the extra trash that is being said. We need to just pray for Fabian and hope he prays for forgiveness from his maker. Diana, you'll be in my prayers. I hope you live your life for your daughter and be the best mom you can be to her. Make her proud. Never let her down. God Bless.


Oh, the lengths we go to protect the criminals. I have so much that I'm holding back right now, but out of agreeance with Sharon and respect for our good Jorge, I'm going to bite my tonge and let God handle this situation. There is a diffrence in judging and speaking the facts.

Jay in Tem



Diana this commet is for you. If Jorge was your soul mate like you said why did you keep coming back when you find your soulmate you don't become pregant by another man did you forget that Fabain family have pictures of you and Fabain together this past christmas and that his family had you a babyshower in May and have pictures of you and Fabain together and where your sitting on his lap by the cake saying welcome Baby Liliana it's ok everyone will Know how you played to young men and because of your lies young lives were taking yea Fabain should have never killed Jorge and he will have to live with what he did. But so will you I hope you can't sleep at night.For the lies you told Fabain and Jorge. And the pictures will be shown to the public soon so the people who say your the victim can see how you are a lair and nothing but a cheater. Remeber THE THE PICTURES WILL BE OUT SOON OF YOU AND FABAIN TOGTHER IN THE BABYSHOWER THEY HAD IN MAY OPENING GIFTS HIS FAMILY GAVE YOU FOR LILIANA!


First of all, this is not the National Enquirer. If you feel the need to continue playing the blame game, you should go start your own blog. This is a finely written blog about the thoughts and lives of our fine soldiers doing a tough job in Iraq. I thank you Major K for your wonderful blog entries and pictures. I look forward to reading them. As the wife of a soldier in the unit, I am personally sickened when I see such hateful comments posted. I feel like if you arn't here to show support for our soldiers, then you are in the wrong place.

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