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June 30, 2005



Dear Major K.

from London again,

A funeral from heartland Texas to show you how much people back in hometown USA care for the service you and your soldier buddies are giving in doing your duty and how proud and respectful they are of your service:


with best wishes and a safe tour of duty to you and those you hold dear.


The guardian article mentions grafitti that says "We'll be back".. Some one should find it and paint "We'll be waiting- Please hurry.."

Good lord.. The guardian doesn't even pretend any more.

SGT Jeff (IRR)

I was struck by LTC Funk's last remarks re: comparisons with Tet.

I had the same thought - and hoped that this did mean the beginning of the end for organized resistance.

Derek S. Ford

Great to hear Major. Keep kicking their asses.


My guess is that this writter for the Guardian also writes stories about Elvis and Alien sightings. There are those who choose to take stock in such tabloid journalism. The Insurgency tried and failed. End of story.

I'm also glad that this was nothing like Tet. Tet had traditionally been a time of truce during that war, that's why they were caught off guard. If I remember correctly, Tet was tens of thousands of highly trained and motivated soldiers attacking multiple targets at the same time. It went on for days and many people lost their lives in that one. I'm glad this wasn't another Tet.

Keep up the good work.
Take Care and God Bless.
God Speed.


Iraq the Model also talks about the story. (You need to scroll down a lot to read his comments).



Imagine the opposite.

Imagine that the US would have been at the place of the terrorists. That they were attacking the police station. Would it still be a victory? The same thing for Fallujah, etc.

Keep up the good work Major and take care.


PS The Canadians are all against the war in Iraq?
Wrong! There are some for it and I am one of that group. "The Few, the Proud..."


I'm sure some terrorist commander saw the article and privately thought to himself "a couple more 'victories' like this and we'll all be dead"

Don Singleton

I dont understand why, because you obviously have trackbacks, but I got errors trying to trackback using two different methods. In any event http://donsingleton.blogspot.com/2005/07/victory-disregarded.html is my trackback


but we read about the victories....:-)


Thank you for these posts. It is refreshing to hear the truth.



Id love to post eachothers links if your interested.

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