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July 30, 2005


Granma Ruth

Major K
This will pass as all unpleasant times do, and you will all be stronger for it. It is very disappointing when some do not conduct themselves with honesty. They do not realize it affects the whole unit cohesion. Keep your spirits up and thank you for your service



You are now at a different FOB, away from NightStalkers? NOW I understand Thunder6's blog entry, "Inscriptions".

May your paths intersect again soon. Meanwhile, I hope that you can transfer your skills to the new IA quickly and thoroughly. Phil at philandbecky.blogspot.com relates what happens when the IA does not follow procedures taught by US instructors. Your intelligence experience should also come in handy in rooting out arhabi infiltrators.

Wishing you satisfaction and success in your new assignment.


Sir, sometimes I get to where I don't really give a damn. Other times I get really pissed off. This time, since I have been blocked from posting on two Iraqi blogs, [moslawi.blogspot,com], about Constitutional matters, I will attemp to post here.

Damnit! Thankyou for your service.

---Dan (post follows):
I have done my best to direct people to American documents describing and outlining the original American considerations. I have done a very good job of trying to give you an "out” and you have neither acknowledged it nor taken your leave on the matter.

Instead, you have charged me again.

Now, it is going to get EPISTEMOLOGICAL!
NOW, it is, obviously a battle of ego.
Go for it man!

"I'll be back..."


Thank you, sir! And,...sorry 'bout that.



Sir, I am addressing a Democrat from Georgia here.


Jamie Good

Sir, I am terrible sorry that something like this has happened in your unit. But please know that we have every single bit of respect and honor for you and your men as we did before.

I hope those bad apples will be reprimanded and will have to pay their price for the degradation they have brought to your unit. I hope these events will be quick for you, and long and painful for them.

We stand behind and support you 110%.

Mustang 23


I know it's not the same as doing the hunting yourself, but your actions in training the good people of Iraq will have a much longer effect on the this country.

This duty, I am sure, will be something you are very proud of down the line when Iraq is a stable, self protecting nation.

Good luck with it.


Major K:

I offer my apologies for the previous two posts. There is no way to undo them. My explanation is that I lost my composure.

If there is any solace, it is that I felt safe to make them here. This should speak to the fact that you are an officer (and a gentleman) whereas I am a college dropout and (was) an enlisted man.

As per YOUR post:

It sounds like you will be training Iraqis. If this is so, then bring all of you combat experience to bear and train them correctly. That will teach them to do the job and bring you home to all of us sooner.



Major K:

Please amend my last comment where I say "combat experience" to include the phrase "and moral guidance."

---"An Armchair General"...uh...er...---Dan



Being with your men is where every good officer/nco/leader wants to be. However, we both know the Army sometimes has a different view about what is good for you. I know you will excel at this endeavor just as you did in your previous endeavor.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your service to our country.

As for those who have tarnished the integrity and honor of the Nightstalkers and the American Military, I trust they will be dealt with harshly and swiftly.

David M.


Hi Major K,
Thank you for your service, I am in your debt! I am sorry to hear that your unit hat some rotten folks in it, and am especially sorry that it resulted in your being transferred to another location & that you will not be able to be with your troops. I have no sage advice, just prayers plus the best wishes for you & your men. Dark times have to be endured so that we can enjoy the light when it re-enters our life. I wish you the greatest of success in your new training post, teach them well so that others will not have to risk their lives & be separated from their families to deal with the arhabi wack jobs.
God Bless & Best Of Luck To You,


Major K:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Stand tall Major, for you chose to walk in the path of light, rather than succumb to darkness.

Heroes are fashioned in many many ways!


You do good for the world wherever you are. There is a good reason that the shrapnel of this explosion didn't hit you: your day in and day out integrity. Keep on fighting the GOOD fight. We are all behind you. -Ginny and all.


Major K - sorry to read about your troubles. I hate to see anything like this because the media likes to use these situations to paint the broad brush. As I'm sure you will...chin up. Keep up the good work.


..There isn't much to say..except maybe that it only takes that 1% to screw it up for the other 99%..There always seems to be that 1% that just doesn't get..Not worth your time, energy or loyalty..Just keep up the good fight and uphold your honor..Semper Fi..


well, while it may not be better for you, it's definetly better for us who worry about you. i love you uncle greg!

Chevy Rose

Glad you're having your talents utilized to help Iraq become better able to defend herself. God bless and press on.

Jack Army


Good luck to you.


MajorK -
I know that your work in the previous posting was of value, whether it was in line with your core skillsets or not.
However, you will be doing such a valuable service by imparting the skillsets of the infantry to the Iraqi military. I know from reading of your dedication to the intel position, that you will perform this duty with honor and dedication, and we will see the benefits for years to come.
My best wishes to you in your new position.


Press on. Your experience to date will be of invaluable use to the IA, as they are becoming increasingly involved in that type of operation, to my knowledge.

May those responsible be dealt with quickly so the rest of the unit can move forward.

Good luck - we support you!


Every time there is a gap in your blog or any of your blogs, I think, God, I hope no one was killed. I have gotten used to the black out that accompanies such times.

I have to admit I was surprised at the real reason. But at my blog I wrote what I hope is a good comment to drum up support for you guys who kept your nose clean.

Major, you know that no matter what, there are always opportunists. Just know that we recognize that.

Those people, if guilty, should be dealt with harshly as they have preyed on the weak and defaced not only your unit, but our country.

I am sorry to see you guys all split up. You were quite a force to be reckoned with. Teach the guys well Sir. Be safe, keep your head down. Your special training will help filter out the infiltrators.

As for the MSM, have you heard they are suffering from "Iraq Fatigue?" [lol]I wrote a nice little story about them too.Check it out. You may get a much needed laugh.

Take care sir. Be well and God Bless.



I just don't know what to say, but I know what to think. I think the media has intruded into areas they have no business being in. As a result, there has been an atmosphere created that is counterproductive for the mission at hand.

Anytime the enlisted men are allowed to second guess the officers and higher ranking NCOs, there is trouble brewing for sure. The media has exerted force to cause that to happen, through their "coverage" of the situation.

Having served in an AGR position as an E5 SGT, I knew, as did the rest of the NCOs, to keep my opinions to myself, especially concerning officers.

HHC(-) 5/112 Armor


Major K., I read Rusten Currie's synopsis of the situation and suspected that you had been moved. I'm sure that you will make the most of your new posting. Carry on Sir and thanks for serving


Good luck and Chin up!


Don't cha just hate moving...
I hope the new place offers a little something special/extra, anything that might make a better day for ya.


Rest assured Major, we trust you. This will pass and we /you will be stronger because of it.

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