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July 02, 2005



..Piss on the scumbag..Enjoy the 4th and be safe..Scumbags..Take notice..your days are numbered..Mexico is the only place you are safe..for now..Semper Fi K..


I am so sorry for the loss of your man in this tragic manner. I hope they catch this man and he gets the justice he deserves. America's Most Wanted is a really great show. They do an exceptional job to help law enforcement apprehend criminals.

Sooner or later the US is going to have to develop a better, legal way to deal with countries like Mexico and China to name a couple who take advantage of our country and its laws all the way to their bank while thumbing their noses.

There may yet be a positive aspect to the Mexican Drama. With all the people coming here from Mexico, and only the criminals going back, pretty soon all that will be left in Mexico will be criminals. I say we send all our criminals to Mexico which would help our over crowded prison system. Let Mexico deal with them.Then build a huge wall the length of the entire bordern and make it got so we know when there is a breach and immediately had them back like cows.Then to further help our cause, cut off all those funds we pump into Mexico and put the toward programs here, like health care for the needy.

I know, not very practical, but it never hurts to dream sometimes does it? [lol]


Major....Trust me, if he stays in Mexico, someone will go there and find him. He will not escape justice.


Well said Major K! This will all be over with soon... I have a good feeling about all of this.


..There's room for hope..

..Idaho girl missing since mid-May found alive..

Aruba’s attorney general, Karin Janssen, told The Associated Press

“The three have been charged with the murder of Natalee Holloway from the beginning” of their arrest 10 days after the young woman went missing May 30, she said in a recorded interview. “At the time, we didn’t want to upset the family talking about murder while they searched.”

..Fabian..you're next..What else can you say about the criminal mentality..Just a matter of time..Not to worry K..Semper Fi..


They'll get him!!!


This guy is scum. I hope someone gets him.

Have a happy 4th.



Over a hundred years ago, the Apaches would cross the border, raid a little, kill a little and run back into Mexico for cover. Somewhere along the line the Americans finally got tired of it. We're not there yet, but getting there.


As this ass wipe has crossed an international border, he qualifies as a military target. Since Mexico's government does not recoginze our border, I say send a military hit team after him.



My Happy 4th present to you...



My Happy 4th present to you...



I hate to say this. We live in SoCal and this happens all the time. 30-40% of LA County Jail are illegals. They are in a war for the drug traffic.

For them to kill an American and flee to Mexico is like you all coming home from Iraq with a Silver Star.

The Mexican government, especially the locals, is corrupt, part of the drug cartel. They protect these guys.

Several years back, the candidate for president of Mexico was murdered in cold blood, in broad daylight in Tijuana. The assassin lived in SoCal (San Pedro) his wife was on welfare, food stamps, free medical care and free (bilingual) education for his kids.

What a country!!


This is a really sad story. I use to live in cali and my brothers know fabian. when I told them about what had happend they couldn't believe it. They said he wasen't the type of guy that would go crazy and kill someone over a girl. We know that we can't change the way anyone feels about him but we believe that he just wanted to be apart of his little girls life. sad to say the girlfriend was living double lives too bad she can't get charged. she played both of them and look what happend.

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