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July 10, 2005



I've been cruising the Med on Royal Caribbean these past two weeks which is owned by a British firm.
Needless to say once the attacks happened, security was heightened tenfold. We were birthed in Greece when the attacks happened, and divers were immediately dispatched in a preemptive move. This ship as well as the Grand Princess birthed next door were constantly being survielled underwater by divers. I'm sure you can all figure out why...also the Greek army were mobilizied and provided massive security checks on all passengers reboarding after their day in Athens.
(BTW- this is the cruise ship in which a man "accidently " fell overboard while we were at sea. His body was never recovered. I will blog in detail about this bizarre event once I return home.)

In Naples, security remained equally vigilant...divers dispatched...italian military called in to do all security checks of passengers rebording after a day in Naples or Capri.

Helicopters flew overhead, and the police were called in to arrest a very suspicious looking person. Once again Grand Princess was birthed next to our ship. She has a banner on her reading SECURITY WARNING REMAIN 50 METERS AWAY.

THe BBC interviewed American, British and Arab commentators, all of whom agreed that these bombings are NOT the Result of Iraq..Iraq is merely an excuse. The attacks on the USS Cole, The Embassies in Africa, the First WTC bombing and 9/11 ALL PRECEEDED Afghanistan and Iraq.

These madmen have hijacked a religion, have targeted their own people, and are attacking our way of life!
ALL OF US, the Europeans, the Americans, The Canadians, THe British, all democracies are under attack.

Let the MSM say what they will....they are blind fools.

One of the major tubes stations attacked is in the HEART OF LITTLE ARABIA.

Enough is enough. The arabs are finally realizing they TOO need to become involved in dealing with these madmen, these fanatics, these mass murderers!

Carry on with your mission Maj K, Carry On T6, Carry on Rusten, Carry On.

Stay safe.


"No one said it would be easy"
I keep telling people who say 'war isn't the answer' that they aren't understanding the question...

Chevy Rose

Drudge Report is reporting a secret report that UK is planning to pull out of Iraq, beginning in Oct after elections. Reason: The cost$$$.
I sure hope and pray the Iraqian government has a good foot hold to take over by then (if that's true).


Sir, you are so right in what you say. I found an interestring article the other day. I was so angry about the bombing, I honestly can't remember how I found. The URL is :


I think you and anyone else who reads the article will be quite surprised. I wasn't surprised by most things but the "French" aspect surprised me as did the "comparison" to American culture regarding the problem. Take a look. I would be interested in your comments.


DevilDog - thanks for that link. It paints a very unpleasant picture, but we'd better think about the import of the situation, and how to deal with it.


well said old chap! love, booboo

Army Girl

It's posts like these from guys like you.. that I think about whenever someone tries to challenge my motivation for giving up my civilian life to serve.

I can't thank you enough.

Army Girl

It's posts like these from guys like you.. that I think about whenever someone tries to challenge my motivation for giving up my civilian life to serve.

I can't thank you enough.

Lucy K

DevilDog, thanks for the article. It provides a clear insight into the growing threat from the globalization of jihadist ideology.


I just want to thank you for the sacrifices youmake for our country. We take our military for granted. We forget to say thank you.


Great journal you have here.. love the pictures.. as for London.. they are indeed handling things well all things considered.I agree, I think that it is going to be a long time before this thing is over.. Stay safe!


Major Kay, thanks for the links. Unfortunately you're right that this war is bigger than Iraq. This is a threat to the entire Western World which seemed plain to me on the morning of September 11, 2001. I'm amazed at how many people, even Americans, can't see that this is a global war.

Thanks Devil Dog for the link. I'm familiar with much of the info but the way the French have been dealing with the situation was a surprise.

Major Kay, thank you for serving Sir. Godspeed.


I would very much question the Drudge Report re: the UK pulling out of Iraq...I have been watching the BBC and Sky News these past two weeks while cruising..yesterday while in Barcelona, both BBC and SkyNews commentators spent considerable time discussing Pres Bush and PR Tony Blairs speeches both airing at the same time.

The prevanlent feeling after hearing what both Bush and Blair had to say is that both are moving towards further increase of troup in Afghanistan and that neither will be pulling troups out of Iraq anytime soon.


DevilDog - great article..thanx for posting the link... and Lucy K, I agree it does provide much needed insight into this jihadist threat...and having spent the past two weeks in Europe, with the ability to speak and understand multiple languages... its been fascinating, insightful, and yet left me nervous, to hear what the "man on the street" is saying, thinking, feeling.
Turkey was especially insightful considering it huge muslim population, yet it is home to some of the most important Christian religious sites.

In light of my recent trip, have much to say about the insights shared in this article and will blog on them within the next few days.

Bottom line: This threat is real...is growing...its needs to be treated like the cancer it is....and it won't go away just because some Americans think US Foreign Policy is too blame, or that its an angry reaction towards Pres Bush and Iraq, this bullshit cause/effect scenario comes from feeble minds.

One of the most interesting comments I heard on the BBC came from the OPPOSITION party members in British Parliment. A full out APOLOGY was offered to Tony Blair for their opposition this war on terror, the ousting of Shitdam, and their oppostion to Blairs believe that we all need to aggressively weed out these jihadist, create and encourage democracies in the Arab world, and begin to work together AS A WORLD body to deal with jihadist extremists and terrorism.

Osama may claim that if you sleep with him ..you'll be spared..but everyone knows that at the end of the day..the Devil sleeps alone!

The time has come to put aside geopolitical egos and to move forward collectively and with steely determination against a common enemy.


the English police did the right thing.
The London Anti terror police make me and many others feel safer as a result of what they did, far better than waving flowers at the bastards,(they shot the wrong man, we don't know for sure...) and followed a prescribed and legally approved policy. If in doubt kill the mass murdering muslim terrorists quick and send them to their heaven before they are even ready to do so themselves, after all aren't they all supposed to go to heaven to join their 7000,000,000 virgins instead of hanging around here and having to do a shitty job, be oppressed, etc..
It is a good and useful policy, shoot to kill, to save the rest of us in London from a bunch of mass murdering muslim terrorists who have killed 50+ innocents injured another 700+ and if the second lot of bombs had gone off, they didn't 'cause the dumb f**** didn't know what a sell by date is. Another 50+ innocent men, women and children who live,are travelling or visiting London, would have been dead and another 1000+ innocent men, women and children injured. Did any of those murderous muslim bastards say anything? issue a warning of any form?
Unlike the repeated warnings our police gave to this ignoramus Brazilian,how many English people jump the ticket barrier and run down the tube when warned by the cops to stop, only the dumbass ones who don't know the cops can stop the train and seal both neighbouring stations too so get nicked for all their mindless muscular exertions.
the mass murdering muslim bastard terrorists killed and maimed and traumatised all those families and their friends, and the rest of the country, whilst stuffing their faces and lungs with the food and air of a free and tolerant nation.
To the snivelling sob's, one individual out of sixty million who broke the law, ran away, acted like a terrorist, by heading for the tube, for example, maybe he was a wannabee, we willl find out, but even if he was not, the cops said stop, at a time when people are getting blown to pieces without any warning whatever, but then listening to what the English police say is not really important, as they are not armed and so you can just ignore them, and boogie down the tube without paying for your ticket, well in this case wrong guess, wannabee, or whatever, whilst mass murdering muslim terrorists are killing the innocent is sadish..
So put your money where your mouth is donate to the victims fund, Africa, America, Asia, Europe, S America, Australia, anywhere i have missed out??? etc..
For a start, and continue by any form of voluntary work over many years to heal their traumas, in the meantime please fell free to take every advantage of what a liberal democracy offers by way of cynicism, criticism, conspiracy theories, freedom of speech, thought, religion, practice, behaviour etc...

Yours.. from Central London


British stiff upper lip is just a myth, trust me!! We are all just as shell shocked as you must have been after 9/11. And to find that they were planning to do it again, but it all went wrong was a greater shock. We are all gratefull for all you boys out there, fighting for OUR freedom and a free world. Thank-you. i have family in London and i know how frightened they are to go into the city at the moment.
You can contact me by email, or on my space. Post yourself on my guestmap if you like, and good luck out there!
Luv Louees XXX


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