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July 04, 2005



..You are so damned right..Don't ask me why..but at the same time this concert was viewing in my local time zone..I was watching Mel Gibson's "We Were Soldiers"..And I hate watching Viet Nam Movies..I was there..
..I would be willing to bet these musicians and their "groupies" have calluses for patting themselves on the backs so damn much..Semper Fi..


You have all of our support on this Independence Day. I think all Americans would do well to hear how terrorists you deal with bear no resemblance to the early Minutemen. Regardless of what politics you hear about, you have the force of America behind you, 100%.

I hear Sean Penn got into a spot of bother in Tehran. I'm sure you and your pals will be eager to risk life and limb should he need a rescue. Or maybe not.


UGH! I am so enraged by this one (JIVE 8) that I can't think clear enough to comment.



All I can say is "amen". I agree with you whole-heartedly! Stay safe!


All I can say is "amen". I agree with you whole-heartedly! Stay safe!


There is an interesting blog entry on Jive 8 at Thinker's Room. {http://thinkersroom.blogspot.com/2005/06/live-aid-please.html}


Dad gummit! http://thinkersroom.blogspot.com/2005/06/live-aid-please.html

Emily Lawrence

God bless you on this 4th of July!! and ditto to this post!!!

Ruth in Texas

I am so glad to hear others are just as irritated about Live 8 as I was. I thought for awhile there was something wrong with me. LOL. Stay safe. I pray for you. Me and my house support our service men an women.


In the end all in africa comes down to bad government. Things aint gonna change in Zimbabwe unless you shoot Mugabe.


I'm all for each one of us digging into our individual pockets and donating money to organizations that can actually effect some person's life for the better. But mandating the taxpayer-funded writeoff of debt so that more can be incurred is just silly. Also silly is providing the funds for organized looting. So everybody that cares, write a check to an organization that digs water wells in Ethiopia, and send a box to a servicemember at anysoldier.com. Sincerely, from Miss Kala in Dallas


I read an interesting editorial on Fox.com that points out that at least Bono recognizes the problems of what is going on in Africa. Unfortunately, there are many, many more musicians and stars that try to use their professional popularity to convince us that we are somehow not doing enough. Read the article and then ask yourself--1/4 of all aid to Africa and we still aren't doing enough? Get real.



I couldn't agree more. What really gets me is that Africa has the potential to be the richest Continent in the world.

Their natural resources alone are in many cases not found anywhere else in the world in a substantial manner. Four in particular are highly used by every major power for everything from defense to space exploration.

Maybe some countries think it is better for "themselves" if Africa remains poor and full of ignorant, needy people so they can't realize the potential of what they have.

It wouldn't be the first tiume!

An interesting story is the real reason behind the Somalia situstion a while back. It was more than people realized. A little research will give an astute intel officer the answer.


I got a good laugh when I saw Madonna on there talking about how poor Africans are while wearing a big diamond encrusted "M". It's the greed of people like her that feed into the civil wars where Africans kill each other over the control of diamond and gold mines.

It also was funny in regards to the report that she gave a $10k credit card to her 8 year old kid...

I look forward to them doing a concert for my debt relief...


First off I loved live8 effort ( the entertaining part of it), but I dissagree with the msg beeing sended. The whole world has donated money to Africa in one way or another.The money turns into goods and doesnt help anybody.

in 2 ways;

1: the goods get to warlords that use it as a power tool( I forgive the help officials taking their share)
2: the people that receive help use it and forget about helping themselves.

This has been going on for more then 20 years.I'm not going to name figures ( if your intrested google will do you math).

They get help but refuse the total package.I find that rude, even if it's from my leather chair with food on the table.

If you dont have sh*t you will work for you food.If you get it without work .. why should you work? That's the outcome of various studies conducted on this subject.

I feel with people that have nothing and have to see their childern or partners die because of the lack of food, but I can't feel with the whole continent living of kind gestures we all give.

Currupt leaders we dont do a thing about because it might hurt on media coverage.Policies to protect and help a country we dont act on because it will make a black sheep on anybody who tries.. and even worse the people that might live with the help others can provide bite the hand that feeds.

The only dollars or Euro's that should be invested in Africa should be spend on hitmen taking out curupt leaders and helping real leaders to the spot.

Thats just IMHO.


We're ask to aid africans. But how many africans were invited to play on stage with our stars?

I know of only one. Odd is in it?

This thought is from Manu Dibango an african musician.


This is just more hypocrisy from the mangled brains of the movie and music world. Each performer at Live 8 received a $12,000 "gift basket" for their attendence. If they are so committed to this then why would this need to be done? Just think $12k gift pack. Lamebrains.


Can read about $12k giftbags for playing for "free" here:



I really don't see why you guys are so upset at the live 8. Yes, I agree that these entertainers can be tiresome, but they are trying to (at least) raise some money & keep the African situation on the radar screen. You may not agree w/their methods... but gimme a break. As far as breaking out their own checkbooks (many of them do that anyway).


The problem with Africa is not lack of money. I am sure if the African governments inspired trust, they will be aflush with money coming in from the West.

The issue is that the elites in Africa have no incentive to invest in their own countries and they look at their positions of power and privilege as a ticket to loot.

And then population explosion by the masses eats into any growth in productivity and investment.

Their ought to be a law against having more than 1 or 2 kids.


What sort of example are we setting for OUR children? the future, the next generation? When they see us watch a concert & talk about "helping the poor of Africa"? How much "effort" is needed to write a check? It is clear to me why money has so little value. I have a 9 & 11 year old. I would rather them see me "bake a treat" and send it in a care-package, take the time to write a note, even if it is on the computer. Clip coupons and go shopping, getting the best value. Get off my ass and do something, anything to set an example for them, and encourage them to do the same. Writing a check has no value, by the time it reaches the intended destination the amount is cents on the dollar, but the effort in locating a person, sending items of need, getting our hands dirty....those are great lessons for our children. Much better then "watching" events, it's actually getting involved, having a vested interest in the world.


Live 8 was absurd, but the most attrocious thing about it was this: NO MONEY WAS RAISED FOR AFRICA. The concert was not a fundraiser. All those ticket and t-shirt sales dollars went elsewhere. Not a single penny went to help Africa (which needs far, far more than just money to solve its problems.)

You're a good man, Major K. Thank you for doing what so many of us cannot. God bless you.

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