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August 18, 2005



Wow, just Wow. I think that was more than luck, that was devine intervention!

Thanks again for posting and thank a ton for your bravery!

Agnieszka O.

What a true hero!


Well thanks to you Sgt. C won't be ignored. He will be recognized for his bravery.

Bowden Russell

Great stroy about SGT. C. I just wanted you to know that the majority of Americans support you and your efforts, despite the attempts of the Socialist Media in the US to drive down support for you and the war effort.

Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Beth Powers-Lamm

This is an amazing story. But will we ever hear about on the evening news--- will the AP pick it up so we might read about it in our local newspaper--- will the NYT, LaT, Washington Post ever run it? Hell no.
"If it bleads it leads" as the saying in the newsroom goes. Readers and viewers are cynically referred to in newsroom meetings as "joe six-pack". I know this because I worked in the television news business for more than a decade.
With rare exception the valor, and heroism which Maj K, T6 and so many other milblogs eloquently write about is lost on the main stream media. Why? Because the vast major subscribe to a post-modern view of the world--- nothing is worth fighting, much less dying, for. Not freedom, not libery, not women's rights in the third world---and most certainly not America.
I'm not sure what should be done. But those of us who support the troops without reservation--- support the liberation of the Iraqi people-- support the War on Terror might think of organizing in the same fashion as Cindy Sheehan, George Soros, Michael Moore, Move On.Org --- etc.


Where do we find men like that? Please tell us more about Sgt. C...

If I haven't said it before, I'm so very sorry for the loss of Dup. He will NOT be forgotten.


Thank you, MAJK, for sharing this story about Sgt. C. He is just another average American soldier hero who has been ignored by the MSM in their attempt to blacken all the good that has been wrought in Iraq.

You and the other milbloggers get the truth out. Please share as much as you can without violating OPSEC or the privacy (and humility) of these wonderful men and women. They deserve the recognition. I am certain that there many stories you can share. Let's hear them (if the participants are willing to let them be told).

I know from another milblog (now gone) that the death of Duplantier had a profound effect on others in Charlie Company. He was SO loved by those with whom he served.


MilBloggers like you are pulling double-duty fighting two wars: the War on Terror and the war to get the truth to the American people. We owe you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.


Just a note to say thanks for bringing that wonderful story to light. Sgt C certainly does have The Right Stuff!! Stay as safe as you can sir.


It would be nice if his story got out. Can't you at a minimum get Centcom to write this one up so bloggers can promote this hero? This is another one of those: someone you should know.


Thank you so much for your service, first military, then truth sharing. Please forward THANKS to SGT C as well, you guys are awesome!


Thanks for telling us about Sgt. C. hang in there sir. You are one of the true heros.


One of a hundred daily heroic stories NOT reported by the media...thank you for sharing it. My prayers go with him & you as you both "soldier on" with the mission.

Sgt C isn't the "exception"...he's the standard...

I'm not sure the general public has any idea of the quality of the men & women who serve in the military or the degree of responsibility held by NCOs...the backbone of the Army. (Of course as is apparent from my screen name...I'm biased on the issue...I'm forwarding your post to my husband's unit, so they will stand a little taller today).


WOW. and WOW again!!! I think someone already said it...sounds like a miracle to me, for sure.

God bless all of you for all you do. You are in our thoughts and prayers, always ~ we are very thankful for you and very proud of all of you!!!!!!!


I am touched by your post! All I can say is HOOAH!!


You'll be pleased to know that people will know about Sgt. C and Dup. Your story was linked by someone at Blackfive today.

God protect you all. Thank you for all you do.Thank God for Sgt. C's well being. God was with him that day.Be safe.

Major, how is your buddy at the border? He hasn't posted since Aug, 8. I guess because of the nature of his mission there he can't blog but I just thought you might know of he was at least ok.


As others have said, thank you Major K for taking time to post and for sharing these stories. I get more news from your blog and others I read than anything in the MSM. God bless, thank you for serving and stay safe.

Chevy Rose

Charlie Company sounds like a real band of brothers and heroes, one and all. Courage is doing the "Right Thing".
May God continue to bless America's military and her struggle against terrorists.


Thank you for posting this story. If I had not read your blog entry, then I never would have learned of it.

Best wishes for Sgt. C!



You are doing a GREAT job. Thank You Soooooooooooo Much. You don't know how much it means to us back home. I have a cousin who leaves to Fort Leonard Wood for boot camp next week. He will be training for a Combat Engineer. Whatever that means. We are very Proud Of Your Services. Agian THANK YOU


Thanks for writing stories like these. It means a lot to us- Ginny


Major K,

This is exactly why your blog and other milblogs are so very important. If those of us who are completely supportive of you and YOUR MISSION, we wouldn't have one iota of truth -- and we could easily fall into the trap of believing the MSM lies and false-hoods, and biased information.

Please keep it up.

By the way, my nephew is stationed on FOF Falcon (I realized you're not anymore) but he is considering blogging. If you'll email me, I'll be happy to provide you his complete name -- I know he's in the 3/7 but the rest is lost in my mess called remodeling.

Anyway, just thought you may be familiar with him -- he's a SSgt -- first name Levi.

Keep up the great reporting. Thank you for the job you do - the sacrifice you and your family are making.

Thank you for making my country, the greatest in the world a safer place.


Papa Ray

As the only weapon I can wield now is a keyboard, I make sure the stories I read on the Milblogs are posted on two local forums in my area.

Its not much but I make sure that the word gets out how our Military is doing their jobs.

Continue the Mission.

Papa Ray
West Texas


I read about Sgt C from another soldier in his unit. I was laughing pretty hard when they described him as cracking jokes all the way to the hospital. He was just cracking everyone up. I am glad that he recovered. Bless his heart for trying to make light of his situation to ease the stress of it all.


soldier in michael moore loving B co.

SSG C was my squad leader back in '02 when we were in Kuwait and it didnt suprise me at all when I heard about what had happened and how he reacted during that fated day. SSG C definitely sets the standard. Though it took me a while to realize it at the time, everything he does is for his men. He always has and always will put the best interests of his men before himself. He is completely unselfish. His actions and are like a breath of fresh air for the good men of this battalion, especially after all that has transpired recently. And if he never gets recognized, then thats how SSG C would want it, thats just the type of guy he is.

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