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August 31, 2005



Your list is incomplete without

Iraqi in America

And the Kurdish blogs like

Kurdo's world

Kurdistan Bloggers Union

Medya Daily -Iranian Kurd

Just to name a few.


Those links are very interesting! Thanks! If you don't mind I am going to put a few of them on my space. Hope all is well.



MSM?? I quit getting my news from the MSM a long time ago. Much of the best stuff comes from people like you; whether it's good news or bad, I pretty much know it's accurate.

Stay safe.


I haven't watched CNN or any other "cheesy" news station since my husband left for Iraq. I get more info and better reports from my boys with boots on the ground.

I came across one hell of a writer the other day. His name is Michael Yon. He does an outstanding job reporting the facts!

Cindy West

In an eariler post you mentioned that your computer keyboard was not working.....Isn't it funny that even your computer knows your full of crap. No wonder they got rid of you.

SSG W's Wife

I sure hope the last comment from Cindy West was a joke...Cindy, if it was not, I can only tell you to get your freaking boots on the ground and show what YOU got! Then again, judging you by such a comment, you'd be one of those hiding out in Camp with a cover over your head!


You need to get over yourself. Most Nightstalkers are thankful for your departure. You were and are a bad officer

Dave Schuler

Every Tuesday morning Dean's World


hosts a round-up of some of the best posts of the week from Iraqi and Afghan bloggers called the Carnival of the Liberated. Another excellent Iraqi blog is The Mesopotamian.



Sounds to me like sour grapes. Some shithead get caught with his fingers in the cookie jar and thought false loyalty was better than truth and honor?

This is personal! I think I would be very careful with a nut like this lose. Seriously, Major K, this one really sounds on the brink!


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