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August 30, 2005



Hey Major K,
Hope all is going as good as it can go over there. Just stopping by to read yet another interesting post. Thanks for keeping us informed on what the media here lacks to comment on. I'll be checking you site often! Prayers to you and the others.



Thank you for making this post. I do not have cable and can no longer stomach the nutwerk news so I rely on Soldiers like yourself to post news like this on the Internet.

It sounds like things are taking a positive direction. I am glad, so very glad, that an Iraqi Army is being trained and assembled.

I salute you!
Thank you for your service.


Chevy Rose

Just a couple of questions; Do the Iraqian soldiers cover their faces when out on patrol, etc.? I've read the police do.
Next question, if I may ask, are you and our soldiers allowed to have Bibles in Iraq? Again, I've read that you aren't and even go so far as, are forbidden to talk about God in front of Iraqians. Misinformation abounds I know, just have to ask. If that's not putting you on spot.


It depends, but a lot of the Iraqis I've worked with DO cover up their faces when they go outside the wire. They receive threats to their families when they're found out to be working with Americans. They certainly don't want to be identified.

And of course we can carry Bibles. I've talked to several Iraqis about Islam and Christianity, also.


...About learning a foreign language:

I knew a guy named Joe once. He was from Ireland and spoke (sic)Gallic as well as English.

His lesson to me was phonetic. See (hear?), when the children, in nursery school, entered the classroom, the teacher told the last one in to close the door...in Chinese. After a few days, they learned this phrase. Well, you understand.

LEARN ARABIC, DAMMIT! A commander should learn the native language!
Thamk you.


Chevy Rose

Thanks Dan, for the answering.
God bless.

Chevy Rose

correction: Thanks BEN....

Papa Ray

Have the officers [in] the units you are involved with been able to grasp the Idea of NCOs'?

Other milblogs say that the ex-saddam Officers don't get it.


Major K - do you ever hear what is said by various politicians on the Sunday Talking Bobblehead shows? Like Joe Biden saying there's only 4k Iraqi's trained or I think Hagle has been blowing smoke lately. There's definitely been more but I can't remember all the naysayers. How right or wrong are they (if you are aware of this)?

Dean Esmay

You know my dad is over there working to help train Iraqi security forces. He's ex-military, currently in a civilian role. I find myself wondering if you've encountered him? I suppose I should ask in email though, I don't want to give his name in public (it's not the same last name as mine).

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