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September 10, 2005



I gotta' hand it to him. At times like these, we need to come together as Americans.


Yankee PaPa

..And not one damn word of this from MSM..Geeze Louise..This should be front page news..instead of bashing the current administration into the ground..or assessing blame..Hats off to Mr. Gore..

Chevy Rose

Yes, I must agree this is one time I'm proud of Al.
But the cynical side of me, says, "wait for the other shoe to fall".


Yankee Papa, did you actually go to the link? It seems it is MSM and Gore did bash Bush.

Yankee PaPa

"Yankee Papa, did you actually go to the link? It seems it is MSM and Gore did bash Bush."
..Yes thank you..I did..I chose to see the good and over looked the questionable motives..At least for now..As a Former Marine VN Veteran..I saw what I wanted to see..270 people who's lives where affected by a courteous and generous act..Think I know how this game is played..That's why I choose to stay out of political arenas if at all possible..It's not the politician I was referring to..It was the man..And my meaning here is 'why' this particular did not receive more press compared to all the negative press that MSM is spewing all over the place..There is a difference and it is still a heart warming story..If you want more..go visit Hurl's site..More courageous people doing the things that need to be done..regardless of politics..



Yankee Papa,
I do appreciate the help that anyone can give no matter what the motive of their hearts might be. I am glad that Al Gore was helpful in NO. My hippie/liberal brother says that Al Gore is a great guy, and he probably is, but he did manage to bash Bush while being helpful and do it in the MSM - that was my only point. I also always appreciate your comments - I did not mean to be arguementative.
By the way, I tried to send you a copied/pasted letter from my Marine cousin in Iraq for your enjoyment, but it did not work.

Yankee PaPa

Lou..Over the years I couldn't help but become some what defensive..I apologize..Like I mentioned..If I can stay out of political arenas..so much the better for me..I am neither a lefty..righty..conservative or liberal..I like to see myself as an individual who has been around the block a few times..I believe what Gore did was a kind and considerate act..I would like to think that was what is was really all about..I noticed when questioned by the media about this act of generosity..he declined an interview..That tells me..just maybe..it was what it was..an act of kindness..And please use my email to contact me..A Marine is a Marine is a Marine..I might have a few things for your cousin as well..Thank You..and you too K..Semper Fi..

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