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September 30, 2005



Sir, I could never thank you enough for your work.


Thanks for the pictures, I'm very glad to see the Iraqis standing up more and more. I was wondering what the female NCOs are teaching?

Major K.

The classes I witnessed taught by females were leadership and ethics.


Is it wise (opsec?) to post pictures of these persons online? Doesnt that make them an easier target for the insurgents?

(and keep up the good work)

Sissy Willis

Building backbone, one vertebra at a time. Awesome.

Yankee PaPa

..Excellant K..an oustanding story to say the least..Hard work and determination will always pay off in the end..I see the 'student' with the Color Staff hoping he really understands what that represents..A free and proud people..Thank You for all your hard work..

Yankee PaPa

..I swear at a closer look that "Trainee" standing behind the Iraqi with theUnit Staff looks just like my old Marine Corps Drill Instructor..Sgt. "The Ace Tracer" Carter..but naw..it can't be..But he does look tall at attention..Semper Fi K..


Absolutely wonderful. Man, I wish the MSM would pick up on this stuff. Thanks - for everything.

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