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September 08, 2005


Kat in GA

Woohoo!!! That totally made my day when I read it yesterday!!!! *bounces around happily, backflips of joy*


Yes !!!

It proves to me that most people over there do NOT support the arhabi SOB's.


Chalk another one up for the good guys!!!


this news made my day yesterday. :O)

ET  USN 71-78

I hope you catch the perps, too, and that they don't get released back onto the streets.


Thumbs UP and ^5 for our guys!


SSG W's Wife

It was definitely a rush to hear the good news yesterday. A salute to our guys for a job well done!


Great news, great job Gentlemen!


What a great story. Did you hear about the Iraqi who collected donations for the victims of KatrinaI Great story. I found the story at Blackfive. Wrote a little piece myself. Check out the Blackfive post. You'll feel tears at the corner of your eyes.

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