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September 09, 2005



They are good men.


Nice link HERE:



Julie Harris

Thank you for another viewpoint. The liberal media here in the states has outdone themselves in blaming Bush for anything and everything that ever goes wrong in this world. I, for one, am sick of it. My main concern is the possibility that any of the heroes over there protecting our their rights to free speech (albeit false and misleading) believe that all Americans concur with their left wing wacko babble. Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed and God Bless you. Julie


I know your are not suprised by this...

Neither am I, Sir!

There are A LOT of politicians who should be checking their shorts when our men and women come back from their tours of duty "over there" and start redefining the politics of this great nation by running for public office. We REALLY do need leaders (more now then ever).

You and your brothers/sisters in arms are the selfless servants of the United States of America. I feel that nearly ALL of the politicians in this country just can't and/or won't realise that.

OUR Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are the best that all of mankind can offer. Unfortunately our politicians ARE NOT! I don't trust "career" politicians. I trust the great men and women of our military to get the job done.

Look after your men and yourself, Sir. Come home and give Barbara Boxer a fight She'll never forget or win.


Lt. Gen. Honore would have NEVER let this situation degrade to such a cluster-fuck if he were the Governor of Louisiana or the Mayor of New Orleans. Thank God he's there to get the job done now.


The Universe and Things [http://universeandthings.blogspot.com/] has a great posting about three or four stories down on this. If people would listen closely they would hear a different tone on Mississippi and Alabama. Check out that posting. It is really right on target! However, I warn you, read the whole thing through or you will think it is about race until you get into it. It ir truly a good little article.


I regret that to this day (Sept. 30th) there are STILL those that want to dwell on whose fault it is that Katrina was as disasterous as it was in New Orleans and Louisiana. I've heard everyone blamed from the President, to the ex-head of FEMA, to the Louisiana government. And I'm sorry that it always has to be a blame game first, then action second.

God bless the men and women in uniform serving our country, both at home and abroad. I keep you in my prayers, and may you all stay safe.

Wenceslao M. Hevr, USA Ret

I hate the media when they report: "This individual has no water to drink for FIVE days!
All the while the reporter has a full bottle in his own hands!!!
You would think the reporter would give him/her some?

matt Johnson

As usual the media in an effort to make money for the corporate masters they pray to has decided that journalistic truth is just so much garbage, why not blame and bitch instead of putting down the camera and helping out.

God save our democracy from the corporate owned media.

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