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September 26, 2005



This is always difficult to hear. Each and every soldier killed or injured, is a pain in my heart. It's like they were my family, I feel like they are all my family. And I grieve, yet again.
At night when I go to bed... I start talking with God... I ask so much of Him.
A million different things...
God please confuse & confound the enemy.
God please make them nervous or something so our soldiers can spot them.
God please turn the hearts of the ones who don't really want to do this thing.
God, keep our soldiers alert and give them what they need when they need it to save themselves and innocents from IED's, gun fire, or being kidnapped.
Be with them Lord, calm their nerves, and build them up with your power.

And when they must sleep, let them sleep soundly, knowing You will have angels stand guard over them.

I could go on forever, about the many things I ask of God everyday and night.

And God when one comes home to You, console the men who feel that loss, replace that sad empty feeling with Your grace & mercy... so they can go on.

A basketball in my hands is worth about $19. A basketball in Michael Jordan's hands is worth about $33 million. It depends whose hands it's in. A baseball in my hands is worth about $6. A baseball in Mark McGuire's hands is worth $19 million. It depends on whose hands it's in. A tennis racket is useless in my hands. A tennis racket in Venus Williams' hands is a championship winning. It depends whose hands it's in. A rod in my hands will keep away a wild animal. A rod in Moses' hands will part the mighty sea. It depends whose hands it's in. A sling shot in my hands is a kid's toy. A sling shot in David's hand is a mighty weapon. It depends whose hands it's in. Two fish and 5 loaves of bread in my hands is a couple of fish sandwiches. Two fish and 5 loaves of bread in God's hands will feed thousands. It depends whose hands it's in. Nails in my hands might produce a birdhouse. Nails in Jesus Christ's hands will produce salvation for the entire world. It depends whose hands it's in. As you see now it depends whose hands it's in. So put your concerns, your worries, your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your families and your relationships in God's hands because... It depends whose hands it's in.

Al's Girl

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss. My prayers are with you and your unit!

Deb (yankeemom)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your unit. Bless you all and the families of the Fallen.


All of you are in my thoughts and prayers as well. My condolences for your fallen brethren and their families.

It can't rain all the time, and one day, all of the sacrifices will bring about a new radiance in the world.


I read Currie first... then T6... then you. I'm deeply saddened by the hurt you all are enduring. I know you'll lean on each other to get through it and back home safe to your family.

Take care, K...

Yankee PaPa

..I passed through 6's site before I got here..as with him..also with you and all that serve..It seems as though our forces have been taking heavy hits lately..I concur with Pebble Pie.."It depends whose hands it's in."..Be Safe and take care..Semper Fi..

ET USN 71-78

Rest assured you are not carrying this grief by yourself. You have an army of supporters back home sharing your good times as well as your hard times.


My heart hurts for your loss. My prayers are with you and the other Nightstalkers and soldiers serving. My prayers are with their families too.


I am so very sorry for your losses. May God rest their souls.

Sissy Willis

God bless.

Wild Thing

I am so sorry, so very sorry. My heart hurts for all the loss. And then I also feel such tremendous pride in each one of you for all you are doing. I wish so much I could thank you all in person for your many sacrifices.
Please know you are not alone, not for a second. Thousands of us appreciate your service to our country and we can never thank you enough. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day, many times a day. Almost as though with each breath we take is a prayer for your safety and thankfulness to you.

Take care and stay safe.

Kat in GA

{{{HUGS}}} to all.... I'm so terribly sorry for y'all's loss... and I'm at a complete loss for words. I read about this over at T6's site ~ his tribute to these dear heroes was beautiful and eloquent. As I said over at his site...these were very fine men, and the world is a better place because they were here. {{hugs}} Please know that you and everyone over there are in my thoughts and prayers ALWAYS.... {{still more hugs for all}} We are all here for you, standing behind you 100% ~ hang in there...and thanks for all you do.

Someone's Praying
(Author Unknown)

Somewhere someone's praying down upon their knees
Lifting you before the throne with love and gentle pleas

Asking God to give you strength to face another day
And when the night is darkest, shine light upon your way

Somewhere someone's kneeling to whisper your name in prayer
Knowing that you need to feel God's love and tender care

They intercede on your behalf because they love you so
Knowing that you have a need to their Father they will go

They pray when you're not able to speak a single word
What peace there is in knowing their prayers will be heard

They lay you on the altar as they kneel there at His feet
Giving all your cares to Him there at the mercy seat

Our God is always listening to every earnest prayer
When we look to Him for help the answer is always there

It's such a comfort to know that someone prays for you
Placed within His loving hands those prayers will see you through!!!


Major, I too offer you my prayers and condolances. Believe me when I say that I too feel every loss personally. I would like to share a some poems I wrote when my nephew was killed. They aren't as good as T6 would write but they say what is in the heart. Maybe they will help you and your men. They helped me grieve.

"Well Into the Night"

They gave their lives in defense of their country,never once faltering at their tasks;
Heroes in every sense of the word, these brave souls have done as we asked;

They gathered their gear and went to the front, young men and women with fear on their faces; Soldiers with courage in their hearts, they set to their task and began the hunt;

Through desert sand in a hot unfriendly land, they marched to the cadance of soldiers past;
They fought our enemy, one by one,outgunned, outmanned, they fought to the last;

Noone can say that these brave soldiers, young men and women fron all walks of life, Didn't do their duty as they had been taught, with courage, honor, dignity, and pride, they met the challange of war, head on, they marched into the midle of the strife.

But not all our soldiers died on the battlefield as we know it, some were taken by thieves in the night. These thieves came, as cowards do, in the shadows of darkness.

They came and took our innocent friends and families, and yes, our troops, not as honorable soldiers answering the call of their God and country; but as crazed, angry men with hate in their hearts, seekers of power, position, and personal agendas.

They owe allegiance to noone, including the God they profess to follow; Though their war was begun many years ago, they escalated their campaign one morning in September.

They blend into the crowds like a second skin, suicide bombers, young and old; misguided murderers who like to pretend, they fight for freedom and Religion.

They put bombs on trains and under cars, they strap them to women and children; noone is safe from their depraved behavior, they ram our troops cars from behind, attack randomly from the shadows, all in the name of their holy Savior.

Yet through it all, with heads held high, and pride in their hearts, our soldiers continue to rally and fight; As one comrad falls, and another steps forward, they continue the fight,well into the night!

"A visit with Michael"

I like to go to the cemetery at night
when the darkness spreads its eerie light;
I always drive down the road to the right
following the soft beam of the headlights.

As I drive slowly through the darkness I see
a carpet of beautiful trees scattered randomly;
The road quietly meanders around the outside
as I continue through where you now reside;

Inside the loop throughout the quiet little park
I see scattered here and there lanterns in the dark;
In every direction they cast a soft glow of light
like one big silky blanket of warmth each night;

They maintain their vigilance, the lanterns and trees,
like the moon and stars nightly watch over the seas;

Finally I come to a stop and get out and walk a ways,
down the little cement path I haven't visited in days;

Then I look down at the marble plague on the ground,
as all around me the crickets are the only sound;

I walk around to make sure nothing's been disturbed,
then I sit and talk to you for a while sure I am heard;

I talk about the good times we all used to share,
and tell you how I feel and I lay my soul bare;

I talk about how proud we all are for what you did,
and I think a lot about when you were just a kid;

I tell you what I know of your girls and you mom's life;
and then all about you grandma and Tisha, you wife;

But most of all I just sit and talk about things,
I didn't talk about before as I wipe away the tears
that this always brings!

"Doesn't Heaven Sound Like a Beautiful Place?"

As he looks across the huge field below,
off to the right he sees a bright rainbow;

Days of rain have washed clean the air,
and fed the grass and flowers growing there.

He gazes at row upon row of granite crosses,
a constant reminder of war's tragic losses;

In perfect alignment they stand in formation,
brave soldiers who once guarded our nation;

As they rest here peacefully in this holy place,
He hangs his head at the shame and disgrace;

They gave their lives in defense a nation,
that now stands divided by political oration;

Then he reflects on that day in September,
The Twin Towers in New York a burning ember;

The Pentagon in Washington partially ablaze,
A plane crash in Pennsylvania saw panic for days;

On that day of tragedy and foreign invasion,
he reviewed his options and rose to the occasion,

All across America young men and women stood,
All took the oath because they felt they should;

He knew he didn't have to join up but he did;
He felt God spoke to him and did as He bid;

Tall and proud he told his little girls goodbye,
With hugs and kisses he left with head held high;

Promise me you'll look after my girls he said,
Tell them I love them when they go to bed;

Make sure they know Daddy didn't want to go,
But, under the circumstances I couldn't say no;

Remind them of the promise I made to them,
I'll be ok and return home but don't know when;

To say their prayers and think of me often,
He didn't know that he'd return home in a coffin;

He wasn't killed by a terrorist bullet or deed,
instead his fellow companion failed to heed;

In a moment of carelessness a man lost his life,
and a moments panic and fear caused great strife;

He looked at the names in this sacred place,
He read each one to himself and saw a face;

Not here in this field where he could never lay,
But in the house of his Father every day;

Though he did not die on any field of combat,
He did die serving his country, you can believe that;

Though he wanted to be with his girls and friends,
He would still have made that same decision again;

After a few more moments of silent reflection,
he forgave the circumstances of his situation;

As he did this he heard the heavenly choir sing,
That was when he knew he had done the right thing;

And as he rose to heaven with a flutter of wing,
I heard him sing,

*"Doesn't Heaven sound like a beautiful place?
And I'm ready for the day I see his face.
Won't be no guns.
won't be no knives.
Hear the best preaching that
you ever heard in your lives."
[*by: PO2 Michael J. Gray, killed in Kuwait, March 5,2004]

A soldier's Prayer

"Hear My Prayer"

Please God, hear my prayer, I beg you on this day;
Look out for my little girls because I have to go away.

To a hot unfriendly land, I'm marching off to war;
The President says I'm needed on a distant shore.

Tell them dad's got something important to do, our country's issued its call.
I've got to make sure our troops get what they need to keep it safe for us all.

Tell them often I love them and I'll will be back before they know it.
That I don't want to leave them, but I have to do my bit.

Tell them I don't believe in war and I don't like guns and knives.
But there's these terrorists over there who have no value for human lives.

They've bombed our embassies, attacked our ships, and toppled the Twin Towers.
For over seventeen years they've waged their war; and tried to make us cower!

So tell my little girls be brave and say their daily prayers for me;
That before they know it, I'll be home with them upon my knee.

So once again I beg you God, look kindly on your soldier;
Look after my little girls God, please, hear my prayer!
I know these aren't great, but I hope they help some as you all grieve. If they are too much then just delete them. I will not be offended!

Since you were all split up, one of you took down his blog and the other hasn't posted sine one of his buddies was killed last month. Are they ok Major? I worry about them a lot. I know you can't violate their privacy. I was just looking for a yes or no type response.

I never realized I would become so attached to you all when I started going to the mil blogs. But I have. I feel each and every high point and each and every low point. I feel so honored to know you all and share your journeys.

I started going to the mil blogs when Mike was killed. I felt it would honor him and help me grieve. Instead whet I found was so much more. The closest I can come to discribing it is that saying, when God takes someone away he always gives us someone else back.

Thank you all for allowing me into your family and for sharing your journay. God Bless you all and keep you safe. May the pain of your loss be eased with time and fill your hearts instead with the good memories you shared with your fallen comrades.

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