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September 26, 2005


Some Soldier's Mom

that's the newer model of the one I have... I love it and it has been very reliable... hope you have as much good luck with yours as I have with mine. I use an AuraVision (backlit) eluminx keyboard (connected via a USB/adapter) which eases the stress on the laptop keyboard AND on the wrists... the back lighting allows me to work in low light and darkened rooms...


I'm just going to have to write a Thank You letter to these two fine men at Toshiba!

I'm so happy you got a nice piece of equipment.
And I will be buying one for my daughter when she graduates basic. She leaves on Dec. 13th for Texas... now it will just have to be a Toshiba.

Thank you Toshiba, you'll be hearing from me soon.


The next machine I buy will be a Toshiba. Way to go guys !!


I was over there during OIF I and I too had a Toshiba laptop. It's still working, apart from the screen I had to replace, but that was my own fault...

Here are a couple of suggestions to keep your new one running:
1. Tape up all openings possible w/ electricians tape (excepting cooling vents!). This includes floppy drive, CD-Rom, etc. Peel the stuff away and replace when you need to use that particular device.
2. Cut up a ziplock bag and tape it over the keyboard. Its thin enough to use, but keeps the dust out.

My laptop survived 7 months!
Best of luck,

Wild Thing

Congratulations! I am soooo happy for you.
Big ole smile here! Great news!

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