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October 11, 2005


Chevy Rose

God bless America and her military.


As one American to another,I love you Major K! (with no offense
meant to Mrs. K and baby..)


"The die has been cast... ...If we stop before we are finished, we will cause the deaths many thousands more and have yet another war to fight, bloodier, and not too far down the road."

This seems so crystal clear to me. It's so frustrating that so many don't get this.

Thanks, Major K. We're so proud of you guys- I can't even express it. You are the very best America has to offer.


I tell all the doubters and detractors - hey guys, ask the people with the BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Their opinions and observations I listen to FIRST, and everybody else's NEXT. God bless


You have spoken what is in my heart.
It's truth is etched in my mind.
And yes, you are the best of America.


Dennis F Biennas

If we stop before we are finished, we will cause the deaths many thousands more....

Remember we are fighting this one for our future generations.


Comparing war protesters and the media to the enemy is right on. What they do and say is ofen treasonous. Maybe it is their blind hatred of Bush - hmmm, blind hatred, sounds very much like the enemy insurgents.

Keep in your heart that there are those who support you.


Very well said Maj. K. One of the things that bothers me though is the media will find the "one" soldier/marine/sailor/AF who is against the war and against their deployment, has nothing but negatives to say about Iraq or Iraqis and the progress there. This person then becomes the icon for the war. The anti-war/anti-Bush people I know then use that example continuously as the face of everyone in the military. I give or show them many examples to the contrary and to them you or others are valid because it's coming from a blog and not from their precious mainstream media. I guess it's because it fits what they want and nothing would change their minds, nonetheless it very irritating.


I want to thank you for putting so succinctly the reality of the situation as it is now. I live in an area that is known for the mentality you describe above of the Fondas, Galloways and Sheehans of this country. I asked one such person who styles herself a Progressive Liberal what she thinks is the solution and her reply was to kill Bush and all his cronies. Hmmm, now that's progressive? I have had to field many negative reactions to my daughter enlisting and I have found most just don't want to hear another perspective that doesn't fit their mindset. They seem to be getting all the media's time and making the most noise. My Mama always said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, I've decided to be a bit more squeaky myself. Bless you and all our military.


Thanks Major K. Your Comparison of Fonda and Sheehan is spot on. And Galloway of course is the new Lord Haw Haw.

They hanged Lord Haw Haw after the war. One can only hope they do the same for Galloway.

Keep up the great work. Stay as safe as you can. Godspeed

Kat in GA

Well said!


Major K I have to say I too love you as one friend to another. Thank God for your leadership and for your undying faith. We surely need it. You make me feel every bit of the pride I felt when I served even if I never served in combat. I often feel so hypocritical as I haven't ever been in combat. But I do my best to support you all. I weep for and with you. I worry about you all when you don't post for a while though I understand. I die inside every time one of you gets killed.And right now, at 57, I would gladly stand beside any of you and die with you or for you and my country and my kids.

Am I afraid to die. Hell yes! I'd be a fool not to be afraid. But fear isn't a bad thing it's what you do with that fear. Am I frustrated, hell yes!Everytime the Jane Fonda's of the Cindy Sheehans open their mouths., every time another American dies, everytime an Iraqi soldier, police officer, or inocent civilian dies.

But I'd rather die free than live as a slave!


You’re absolutely right MajorK when you say that the mission is sacred and what the protestors do to it is profane. Not only did the Khmer Rouge sweep in and kill millions after the US troops withdrawal from Cambodia, the soldiers came home to be vilified wondering where are the protestors who wanted the war to end that should be celebrating their arrival home.

Today the next generation are stationed outside Walter Reed holding up disparaging signs under the noses of the wounded when they arrive. As a matter of fact Capitalism has learned how to sell protesting and its merchandised as a pre-packaged lifestyle, available at the local mall where $19.95 buys a a spray can and a protest sign.


It’s not really hard to figure out why there were no homeless vets until the Vietnam War, because up until then the people unilaterally supported them.

Something most of your readers may not know is that the VA takes the benefits to the homeless vets that live on the streets. Why don’t they come into the hospital to get healthcare or take advantage of their benefits? Because they don’t trust the government and they don’t trust the American people. Their perceptions and beliefs are based on what they read and see in the media.

Shame on them and shame on the protestors.

I urge the readers to fight back and fight back hard because someone’s father or mother is over there and needs to come home to a nation that they can trust!


Long time since I have been here! I apologize =/ WOW though, what a great post to come back to! What you wrote was so incredibly true and clear. Know that it's not only all of you (soldiers) that dislike Sheehan...everyone that I have talked to as well as said that she is a disgrace. Liek I told another blogger...the last name of Sheehan should be held with honor because of Casey, now when I hear it I think of Cindy and what she is untastefully doing. Casey is a hero, so I'm going to try to block his mom out of it when I think of the last name of Sheehan. Anyway, enough of my babbeling. Hope all is well and once again great post!


May you, your brothers, and sisters in arms stay safe, stay strong, and know that there really are more of us who support you in word and action than those who protest. (They just have bigger mouths with Hollywood connections.)

I'm encouraging friends to "adopt" soldiers, send care packages, letters, let them know we care. I wear my GI Bracelet with pride!

Thank you...for everything!


Amen and God BLess!
There are so many more of us supporting our troops than the press wants to show. We are behind you 100%. We want it to end and for you all to come home safely SOON.

Randy G

Major K,

I spend a lot of time in contemplation of the issues at hand in Iraq and within this country. I see things from a spiritual point of view much more than most people. Maybe that is because I pray a lot and I keep asking God for discernment in all of this. And He keeps giving me the same answers. God represents the Light and the absolute truths that Humans need to abide by and above all, He represents Love for Humanity. People pretty much know this. But what most of us Americans don't see or get is that there was and is an adversary who is also spiritual and who is also very seductive in his ways and methods and who is very effective in swaying us the wrong way. He goes by a variety of names..."The Adversary, Lucifer, the little horn, slanderer, Satan and the devil". His mantra is Hate...pure and simple. He is always seeking to instill this in us and he doesn't give a hoot for any of our politics or our hopes and desires. He knows how to use us to get us to go for each others throats and to put a deep hatred into us. He loves to get us to slander others and he most of all loves us to follow half truths and outright lies and to lead us away from the Light. He wishes to cloak the Light and the Truth. He does his best work when he fills the powerful up with hate...such as Zarqawi. I watched the video of him beheading Nick Berg and I knew I was watching the very lucifer in human form. He works overtime in our churches...filling many pastors with the wrong notions and setting denomination against denomination. He did wonderous works in Northern Ireland where Christian denominations were killing each other off with bombs and ambushes. And now he does a wonderful job at getting Sunnis to follow Zarqawi's lead in wanting to kill Shiites and sometimes visa versa. He works near miracles in liberal papers such as the NY Times where slander is almost a prerequisite for a front page article (I counted no less than 5 articles one day that gave slanderous lies about our very President...including that He is not for education). The Devil loves the Cindy Sheehan type because she is like mallable clay in his hands. The hatred was not very well disguised in many of her speaches. He wants to keep us fighting each other so that we continue to miss God's message of "Love thy Neighbor". Hell will hold a lot of hateful neighbors with him in hell in the long run.

No...I believe with all of my heart that this is spiritual warfare blown public and that when you know what to look for you can so easily see who has become a puppet for old satan. Satan means "slander", by the way.
My suggestion? It may sound trite but it is the best way each of us can best effect the outcome of this war. We need to keep praying for you guys, for the innocent Iraqis, for some of the terrorists to begin to have second thoughts and maybe give up, and for a righteous victory to come out of this mess. God said "Thou shall not Murder (not "Kill"), for He knows that it is OK to kill a killer. But the innocent must be protected.
God Bless you and all of our troops who are doing such an amazing job over there. Randy G


All I can add to the above comments is that I am proud to be on your side Major K. When I see a picture of a crossdresser at a code pink rally vs pictures from the various milblogs, it really reinforces my opinion...


Thanks Major K
This weekend in San diego the Marines are throwing a big bash for all of us, the civilians.
It's time for the Miramar Air Show! I used to look forward to the Blue Angels the most but now the best part is to just meet the Marines.
Drill: shake Marines' hand, look him/her in the eye, say a quiet but sincere thank you, repeat 500 times.
Over the three days of the show I think they expect something like one million guests. I think they'll feel the love many times over.
I really cannot express what a priviledge it is for me and my two young sons to be in the company of so many amazing people at one time.
Of course, the Blues are still cool too.


Hey people of reason can see right from wrong. The terrorist can kill children and behead innocents and get a free pass from the left. They are more about what is politically expendent, not what is the right thing to do. You can't reason with that. Who listens to their BS anyway. The people have spoken in the last election despite the best effort of the lying manipulating media. We are with our president and our troops who put it on the line to protect us from the terrorists. Talk is cheap, that's all the left has, that's all they will ever have. If given the chance they will piss away what has been won by the brave souls who have given their lives for their country. We will not let those who are clueless lead us off a cliff. Keep the faith and vote!!!


Pray for a swift and victorious conclusion. The die has been cast. The war has been enjoined. The time for protests was before the shooting started. If we stop before we are finished, we will cause the deaths many thousands more and have yet another war to fight, bloodier, and not too far down the road.

No truer thing has been said. I thought going there was a bad idea, but now that we're there, there is a job to do and we owe brave men like you our thanks.

Yankee PaPa

..Thank You sir..for these words..they are uplifting and encouraging for those of us here who support our troops and understand the sacrifices that are being made..There is a war going on here..And if it weren't for all the catastrophes that are going on in the world these 'moonbats' would be getting more attention than they have or rightly deserve..Keep up the good work and those of us here will do the same..Semper Fi..

Yankee PaPa

..Touché Major K..Even the MSM here is beginning to recognize the fact how this propaganda war is working and are beginning to bring it to their own attention..though they are not going to come out and admit it..They are making some subtle changes..finally..reporting the war with less enthusiasm lets say..

..One thing I would like to note..For the first time I believe..The word Soldier spelled with a capital 'S'..I'm sure this is probably not the first time I've seen it..but the first time I've taken notice of it..It says something about Dignity and Honor plus Pride in one's self and what he [or she] represents..As with the word Marine..If he [or she] was any kind of Marine at all..It starts with a capital 'M'..same with any 'S'oldier..Thank You for helping me to remember that..You ARE doing a fine job..Carry on..Semper Fi..


God bless the USA!


Thank you Major K for all you and our Armed Forces do!
In regards to the prurient fascination with Abu Ghraib that possesses our friends on the left, I would suggest their interest derives from the uncanny resemblance of naked man piles to the "art" of the late Robert Maplethorpe. Maybe it's the "sexual" insinuation that excites them?

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