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October 11, 2005



The "left"lost interest in Cindy the day that attention seeking liar spewed her venom at Hilary Clinton. Shortly after she had the "audacity" to do that...the left politico machine went into overdrive to "politely" call her a disingenious publicity seeking wingnut being manipulated by " her supporters". I guess they forgot that THEY(LIBERALS AND THE MSM) WERE "her suppoters"!

While I do have friends in Hollywood that are republican, pro -victory, pro- freedom and democracy for the Iraqi's, anti-terrorist, anti -jihadist, anti-dictators, sadly the majority of the fcukwits I worked with still haven't been able to process the simple truth that the "insurgency" they support has targetted their secularist way of life!

What really really really make me ANGRY is the sudden spade of military themed movies and tv shows that Hollywood is releasing, Jarhead, Annapolis, The Battle of Falujah, E-Ring(which may be the ONLY show I moderately like because it is the most supportive and the most balanced view of our military) and that fiasco from Bochco - "Over There". The ONLY film I'd recommend should it come to HBO is "Generation Kill" )

However, this spade of miltiary themed films by Hollywood is yet another example of their hypocrisy. Hollywood has suddenly developed a new found love with all things military EXCEPT our military...whom the collective community distains immensely.

But as long as the Hollywood elites think there is money to be made by appealing to the "Bush supporting military loving redstate republican masses" look for Hollywood to continue to make feature films and more tv shows about the military. They will gladly take our money even as they distain our support of Pres.Bush, and our troups, but keep in mind that money they make will likely go to supporting such wonderful liberal jihad supporting terrorist loving organizations like Code Pink(o) and ANSWER, and AmNUTSty International!

I say take the money you will spend at the box office, and use it to send a care package to a deployed Marine or Soldier!

As for the MSM...well I guess they have a very short hypocritcal memory. May I direct everyone to a post I wrote called "Collective Memory Loss and Synapic Misfires"
dated Sept 9th. In it I posted the entire editorial from The Boston Globe, titled Iraq's Growing Threat.

Care to guess what the paper in the city in the state that both Kerry and Kennedy come from claimed was Bill Clintons BIGGEST Failure??

"Saddam Hussein's continuing defiance of United Nations resolutions mandating inspection and dismantling of his weapons of mass destruction represents the most flagrant and protracted failure of President Clinton's foreign policy."

"While Clinton clings to his futile containment policy, seeking to avoid difficult decisions between now and the first Tuesday in November, the threat grows. Saddam's regime enriches itself with smuggling operations and by diverting money from the $10 billion in yearly oil sales allowed under the UN's oil-for-food program. And the common people of Iraq continue to suffer unspeakably from both sanctions and the dictatorship.

Saddam must be forced to permit weapons inspections or be removed from power. The failure to contain him should be a central issue in the current presidential campaign"

Liberals and the MSM:

Kathy Krajco

Thank you for saying that, and thank you for your service to our country.


Hear here, Major. Fight the good fight, never give up, and... how many of them can you make die? (March of Cambreadth).

I came over here from China at age six, and I have more love for this great and just country of ours than some people who've been enriched and empowered by this nation ever will.

But then again, it was the barbarians that made up the bulk of the Roman Legion when Rome was falling. It was the barbarians who did the fighting and the dieing, not the Latins. The Thracians, the Greeks. All came to see themselves as Roman above all else. The rich patriarchs did nothing for Rome, ROme that had enriched them.

That is and will be the source of strength for the United States come what may, through hell or heaven, and it will certainly be the bulwark that the "domestic enemies" will have to overwhelm first and foremost.

Hold the line in Iraq, Major. And the American people, armed with the 2nd Ammendment and the internet, will hold the fort.

"O xein angellein Lakedaimoniois hoti tede keimetha tois keinon rhemasi peithomenoi

These verses have I rendered thus, as best I can:

Tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie."

We all must do our duty, no matter who or where we are, in the end.

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