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October 03, 2005



Oh it's nice to read something in "civi" terms.

I just finished reading American Soldier by: Tommy Franks, it was a difficult read for me, but I did finish every last word.

Sounds like you guys (and girls) are doing a fine job, getting the new Iraqi troops ready to handle their own country. I wish them much success. It will be a glorious day when Iraq is free from terrorist activity and can be a shining example to all their neighbors.

It will happen... will be a few years or more, but sooner or later it will be a peacful place, with a tourist market ta boot. I know I'll want to see it.


Major K
Thank you for clarifying the Iraqi military situation. If one does not listen to catch the right terminology you come away with the idea that the General is saying one thing in one interview and another thing in another interview.
Things are not as grim as the MSM make it out to be.
Thank you for your serivce.

SSG W's Wife

That's the reason I read blogs and get all my info from our boots on the ground. I've learned early on that media coverage sucks and is always negative.
I'm glad they're learning to "stand up for themselves" over there and sure hope our boots on the ground will be pulled out in the next few years.
Good work and a salute once again!


Keep up the good work, Major K. I had a chance to watch some friends in an advisory role with the Saudi Arabia National Guard, and I've seen firsthand some of the things you guys are dealing with, culture-wise. It's not easy, but we're proud of the progress you guys are making.

Big Bad Crawfish

Dittos Major K. I watched the MSM having at the reports (including Senator McCain who is becoming a MSM proxy), and found it difficult to understand the reduction in preparedness. You have provided the rationale!

Bless you and the rest of the troops!!


Maybe I am not a brain surgeon, but it would seem to mean that as each of these units becomes proficient at a given level , they would then be advanced to the next level of independance, gaining more responsibility, but losing their high proficiency level until they meet the gooals of this new level.

This can be be simplistically compared to the levels of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. As you leave one level you have masterd and advance to the next level. This provides a structured training program that in the end makes for a highly trained expert unit. It also removes the feeling of being overwhelmed by what one doesn't know yet.

Instead of doing as Saddam did and using fear of death, lack of concern for collateral damage, self image, and pride, you are instilling all these good qualities in these men and women. You are building up their self pride in their country and themselves. You are creating an Army that is loyal to the defense of their country that also respects the rule of law. You are also undoing years of programming to be irresponsible, cruel, murderers and thugs that have the fear of their coiuntrymen instead of the pride and respect you are helping them achieve now.

Of course I could be nieve here but I think I am on target. Does this amke sense to anyone else or am I just rambling?

Lucy K

Thank you for the detailed explanation..I am so proud of you!!

Keith, Indy

Good explaination of what's going on with training there Major K...

I would recomend anyone with further interest in this to check out the breifing given Friday by Rumsfeld and General Casey. They went into this in detail, and tried to steer the reporters towards the important bits of the story.

The fact is a units readiness does not remain static. Even with US units, they are not rated and those ratings put on a shelf. They are re-rated constantly.

The varying ratings with the Iraqis it was also a function of changing the standards to what is important, training and equipment.



Keith, Indy

devildog - you are correct, and that is one of the main reasons for "disbanding" the Iraqi Army after major operations concluded.

We had to overcome years of abuse and neglect of soldiers and officers, as well as societal prejudices and practices (like bribes or familial relations helping determine rank) in creating a new force.

We also had to overcome the historical use of the Iraqi Army as a tool for abusing and tyranizing the populace.

I don't see how we could have done this with just putting a new head on the snake. A lot of people think it was the wrong thing to do, but I certainly don't. If all we wanted was "OUR TYRANT" or a puppet government in power in Iraq, then leaving the pre-existing military force, and government would have been sufficient for those purposes.

But, we want to do it right this time by creating a government and security force that protects everyones rights, and isn't going to abuse the citizens.

sam sheep



Thank you and God bless.

Wild Thing

I hope you really know how much it means to be able to read the things you write. To be able to learn from someone that is not giving a slant to things ....someone truly in the know. You do sooo much for all of us. Not only do you take the time to have a blog and share things we can read and learn about but you serve our country in the most important way possible.
Thank you so much and stay safe!


I am sorry Major, I didn't mean to not say thank you. God bless you and your men and the families of you all. Your sacrifices are beyond measure.


Thank you is totally inadequate to convey my gratitude for our fighting men and women.

Stay safe!


I could not understand why two generals gave conflicting stories. Thanks for clearing this up. I find increased use of Iraq troope very incouraging. I guess thats why MSM did not explain. Keep up good work and thanks for being there.

Bob Mc

Thanks for your hard work from the bottom of my heart!

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