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October 17, 2005


ET USN 71-78

I didn't think anything could be worse than domestic CNN for biased "reporting", but when I discovered CNNi this past summer I was rudely awakened. Due to my location at the time (Italy), there were no other english language news channels; it was CNNi or nothing. I opted for nothing. I gave up trying to stay informed of world events because I couldn't endure CNNi.

The printed news over there was a jolt to my sensibilities, too. The only english paper readily available was the International Herald Tribune; what a joke! After reading the fine print, I discovered the IHT was owned by (or was an extension of) the New York Times. Then it all made sense, although it was still disgusting.

I hoped you had decent news outlets at your bases, with some choices so you wouldn't have to watch such biased propaganda. Some of the news channels with consistently inaccurate or misleading reports can actually be quite damaging to morale.

Well, it could be worse: In the old days when overseas, we only had Stars and Stripes (and teletype news summaries when on watch) and they were usually a day or two old when we received them. Oh yes, sometimes we had Armed Forces Radio, too, reading the same news teletypes our squadrons received, I believe.

Rudolph Carrera

Major K;

I lived in Europe for a while (Macedonia, to be precise), and I had the displeasure of having to explain to people there about what garbage the sour-pusses ar CNNi were spewing from their lips. Of course, nothing can top the BBC in hypocritical, anti-US coverage. Horribly greusome stuff.

Keep up the good work!


Chevy Rose

Well, we pray Iraqians won't have to endure "Chad-counters".
God bless America and all freedom loving people of the world.


Just wanted to thank you for such a great blog. I enjoy reading your perspectives and have added you to my blogroll. Thanks for your service from a Patriotic Mom of 4 children.

Honor is yours,

Russia Fan

Heh. I still remeber coming back from Russia in the late 90's, when CNN International was putting on fluff pieces with Russian schoolchildren bewailing the Columbine massacre and how scary violent America was.

It was hilarious, because in my short time in Russia, I'd seen a running machine gun battle down a main street near Red Square after a jewlery store robbery, TWO violent muggings, and almost got shanked by a crazy hooker with a knife. There were armed FSB (KGB) agents everywhere, hanging around every shop entrance in uniform, although they were actually on the payrolls of the shopkeeps to beat up troublemakers. This isn't even taking into account THE FREAKING RUSSIAN MOB, and guys walking around with Kalashnikovs under their coats in dance clubs.

Of course, CNN was somehow able to conclude that America had much to learn about peaceful societies from our comrades in the USSR...er, Russia...


When I finish my project of supporting soldiers through my Web of Support. Com soldier adoption program, my next mission is to deal with the media...it is a shame that they only report negativity...they do not realize that their reporting gives aid and comfort to our enemies...they just want to be right not correct...God bless and stay safe..read your blog every day


Major K -- you and other milbloggers keep up with the Samizdvat; otherwise all we'll hear is The Media's neverending "Ees Party Line, Comrades".


Major K, Don't know you from the man in the moon, but you are dead on on this one. I'm an international Airline pilot, and constantly find myself in foreign hotel rooms where my only choice of 'info-hemlock' is between CNN international or the BBC. Both suck horribly. As about 85 percent of my fellow pilots are ex-military, conversations at the various pubs etc we hang out at is when the crap is FOX going to get off its butt and give the international traveler an alternative to the anti-American treacle we are spoon fed continually by these dispicable propagandizers. And the poster above who slammed the International Herald Tribune is likewise right on the money. Thank god for the internet, (and for your excellent post.)


I prefer to come here and other Milblogs to get my news from Iraq and other places around the world, but the MSM doesn't know what it's talking about. (Though Fox News is usually on in the background all day long!)

Thank you so very much for your service.


Major K., Cronkite recently told CNN's Larry King that Americans just are not smart enough to elect appropriate leadership! This from a man who was once called the "most trusted man in America". What the left hates is that most of America is on to them, and tune them out. And with their viewers numbers plummeting, they are too stupid to figure out why!


Major K., Cronkite recently told CNN's Larry King that Americans just are not smart enough to elect appropriate leadership! This from a man who was once called the "most trusted man in America". What the left hates is that most of America is on to them, and tune them out. And with their viewers numbers plummeting, they are too stupid to figure out why!


Dear Major K,
I am an administrator on cnnfan.org, and my URL is given above. You have made some slanderous remarks against Shihab Rattansi, as can be seen in the extract below of the actual interview you were only partially paying any attention to:

"Superb interview with Sadoon Al-Zubaydi on the phone from Baghdad, a member of the Iraqi Constitutional Drafting Committee. Shihab kicked off the interview by asking should the Iraqis be voting “yes” today? Sadoon replied that they should not vote yes. He voted no. Shihab asked why he should vote no? Saddon replied it was not a unifying Constitution, and block voting makes divisions. Shihab retorted that Sadoon was obviously referring to the Shi’ites in the south the Kurds in the north and their divisions with the Sunnis, but at least one major Sunni party says that its reservations have been lifted with the last minute deal that was reached earlier this week. Surely if they are satisfied, you should be satisfied. Saddon asked if Shihab was referring to the Islamic Party? Shihab replied that he was, and stated that the changes, as pointed out by Leith, can be made by December. Sadoon replied it was a small party and did not represent alienated groups, and it was part of the government and was part of the US supported government and failed to do anything, only succeeding in taking away votes, adding to the Kurdish vote, citing it as a ploy. He went on to say that they were simply promising to work on the Constitution to rectify the Constitution, which is an admission in itself that the draft today is incomplete, inconclusive and unsatisfactory. Why have a referendum? We should postpone it, redraft and then hold a referendum. Shihab quickly added that surely the Kurds, the Shi’ites and indeed the Americans are simply trying to stop the insurgency and trying to get some sort of stability back to Iraq. What would their motiviation be? Sadoon interrupted by saying that the the insurgency should not be allowed to speak in the name of those who felt alienated. The Constitution simply alienated them, and again re-iterated the need to say “no”. Shihab asked what did he think the motivation was to those who said that a “yes” vote was the only way forward? Sadoon replied that it was a response to their needs, unfortunately Iraq is a country more controlled by militias. Most people did not know what federalism means, they did not see the draft and with the illiteracy in Iraq as it is, most would not know. He went onto say that Bremner had stated the people of Iraq needed another 2 months. However 70-80% of people in Iraq had not received the draft, and did not see it, as people were being driven into saying “yes” or “no” as block voting, and disapproved of it."

As you can see, Shihab had NOT in fact said or implied for that matter, that the Iraqis were illiterate or that the public were so naive, they were simply told who to vote for by local militias. It was said by a member of the Iraqi Constitutional Drafting Committee. Do check your facts before damaging the reputation of others. For the full transcript of the weekend, click onto this

Just for the record, as a fellow Brit and attorney, you seem to have a lot of hatred for us!!!!!


So so true... I posted your article on my site at http://www.happeningoverthere.com


Major K is in Iraq and has been there for some months now. He works with the people and I believe he knows them a lot better than someone who has never been there and only gets their news from CNN. He does not hate the Brits. You missed the whole point of his comment. Read some more milblogs and you will have a better idea why he made the comments regarding the Iraqi people and the CNN announcer.

Major K.


First of all, I like British people. Secondly, before you fly off the handle and accuse me of slander, you should have your facts straight. You refer to a completely diferent segment than I have. The segment I mention is where Shihab Rattansi is interviewing Aneesh Raman, the CNN Correspondent, not Sadoon Al-Zubaydi. You must have been watching a different segment. I stand by what I wrote. As an attorney, you should know that something is only slanderous if it is not true. Please find something more worthwhile to get upset about.




I did refer to the correct statement, and it is you who has his facts wrong. The Aneesh& Shihab interview was this:
"Brilliant interview with Aneesh in Iraq this morning on the polls. Shihab started off by asking how things were progressing? Aneesh explained how the Iraqis would be voting a “yes” or “no” and had given them a copy of the Iraqi Constitution. A 2/3 vote would be needed to approve it. If it is ratified, there would be a 5 year government, and the Sunni turnout would be carefully observed, and it was unclear how the Sunnis would vote. Shihab quizzed, what was the main issue of contention for the rejectionists? Aneesh replied that the entire negotiation was dogged by federalism, and how much power they would have, the Sunnis feeling that if the central government is weak, they would be economically deprived, and it could lead to civil war, as the oil in Iraq is located in the majority Shi’ite & Kurdish north. The Sunnis want a more powerful government, and the Kurds want to have the same economy they enjoyed under Saddam. In an update, Shihab asked how the voting was going, as Aneesh was reporting from a school holding the poll. Aneesh explained what the Iraqis were voting for today, and showed the rooms, and how 15.5 million were registered to vote today, plus if the current government remains or is dissolved in December. Shihab asked what was the main issue that is so contentious among Sunni Arabs? Aneesh replied it was federalism, as they wanted to know what powers they would have, as the Sunnis were weary of this, and warnings on TV that federalism could lead to civil war. The Sunnis did not want federalism. In an update, Aneesh was talking about security concerns, as there were 3 body searches and concerns about suicide bombers, and showed some of the voters, and a ballot paper."
You are the one who is confused!!!So yes, DO get your facts RIGHT for a change, and yes you still have slandered Shihab Rattansi and tarnished his reputation.

Major K.


Lady, You are really starting to irritate me, so this is the last time I will respond to you. Your first "correction" of me centered around a completely different conversation, as I pointed out to you. Your second deals with many commonly known aspects of the referendum and the challenges that it faces. It failed to mention or challenge the one thing that I cited in Mr. Rattansi's and Mr. Raman's interview. I used this comment and criticized it as a means to make observations on democracy in theory and practice.

I am well versed on the situation here, as I LIVE IN IT. I do not need you to lecture me on issues of federalism, literacy, sectarianism, militias and the like. I know them well. For the record, while militias are a problem here, they do not, in fact "control the country."

If you wish to defend the actual comment he made in a salient manner, feel free to do so. I have not blocked you - yet. So far, you have attacked me twice without ever defending the specific comment that Mr. Rattansi made, nor have you addressed my central point. In fact, the US Constitution had many of the same issues before ratification. It was also ratified when only white, land-owning males could vote. Was that democracy? It was the closest thing at the time.

It is clear you are fond of Mr. Rattansi. Good for you. I do not think he is concerned nor harmed by my opinions on this little blog. Enough already

ET USN 71-78

Major K,
Your take on Iraqi democracy seems on the mark and is not all that different from our own (US) democracy in many regards. We started imperfectly and remain imperfect to this day, although we appear to have improved somewhat over the centuries. We shouldn't expect or demand the Iraqis get it perfect, either. I like Winston Churchill's view of democracy (poorly paraphrased, I'm sure): Democracy may be imperfect, but it is better than all the alternatives.

Have you noticed we still have local political leaders in the US promising/trying to deliver entire towns, counties, precincts or wards to one particular vote outcome? This seems to be a time-honored endeavor by political machines that has involved many creative and/or illegal activities to insure their particular candidates received decisive margins of victory. Just look at the last governor's election in Washington State if you doubt this still happens.

So glad you are on your way home; enjoy it to the fullest.


Right on Major K.. Got your facts on target. What I can't undestand is all the hoopla because you posted the truth. You only addressed one reporter. The reporters are usually striking down our whole country. Are the UK reporters so fragile?


THERE WAS NO SUCH INTERVIEW!!! It does not EXIST!!!! The only reason you wish to block me (and feel free to do so!) is that you cannot handle the truth, and far from wishing to admit to your mistakes, all you can do is try to apply your thuggish attitudes towards others. I was unaware you had such a tremendous knowledge on Iraqi literacy levels, let alone anything else! The fact that you ARE FIGHTING AN ILLEGAL WAR, WHICH HAD BEEN DECLARED AS A RESULT OF "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" AND THE FACT THAT YOUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN PROVED TO ABUSE PRISONERS ILLEGALLY, BOTH SEXUALLY AND PHYSICALLY, AND EVEN YESTERDAY, YOUR AMERICAN MILITARY ARE GOING TO BE SUED BY AN EGYPTIAN FOR ILLEGALLY DETAINING HIM, AND CAUSING HIM TO BE PERMANANTLY DISABLED MAY BE A REASON WHY MOST OF THE WORLD'S PRESS HATES YOUR GOVERNMENT!


Futhermore, if you are going to argue about achieving democracy in the Middle East, then the ONLY country with democracy in the ENTIRE Middle East, is Israel. Are you going to invade every single country in the Middle East and give them a "democracy"????


To demonstrate his wordliness and sophistication, Mr. Rattansi regurgitated a factoid about how many local Sheikhs promised to deliver their entire village's vote in one way or another. He commented on how this meant that many would vote only as their Sheikh directed them, and that wasn't really democracy.

Get your hands on a copy of Plunkett of Tammany Hall, written by a NYC Dem machine insider of about a century ago.

Sounds like 19th Century American big-city elections to me. Except we called them "party bosses" instead of "Sheiks" and "Machines" instead of "villages" or "tribes". Even hired street gangs ("tribal militias") as pollwatchers with orders to "discourage" opposition voters; when both party machines' "pollwatchers" (like the Dead Rabbits and the Bowery Boys) showed up at the same polling place, things got very interesting very fast.

(The election-day scenes in Scorcese's movie Gangs of New York were NOT made up.)

The Ugly American

Thank you for your service Major K. Godspeed to you sir.

I appreciate your blog and your first hand accounts from Iraq. I have added you to my links on my blog:

On another note. Why is there a fan club for a news organization?

to mistress76UK just a suggestion in the future just provide a link or qoute exactly what you are trying to reference then a link to the interview so we know you are not just making it up 8).

The Ugly American

hmmm what happened to my comment?

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