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November 22, 2005



I could see where those carols would be fun for someone who had never heard them before. It is rather amusing though! ;)


ringtones of christmas carols would be odd, and funny at the same time, i want to wish you a happy thanksgiving , and that i am thankful for what you, and fellow soliders do for america.
thank you
god bless


Someone told me of how they went to Israel once, and rented a car one day, which happened to be a Palestinian car (they have different licence plates)...anyways, all was normal, until they went into reverse, and the car had reverse music, like some cars have beeping...but it was "Jingle Bells"...


I want the Marine Corps Hym

Chuck Simmins

Well over 4 million cell phone accounts, versus less than ten thousand before the war.

I have speculated that this level of communication potential will do as much to assist in the recovery and democratization of Iraq as anything. For the first time, Iraqis can call anyone, anywhere. That has to be a good thing.


How funny that is! I have the National Anthem on mine, when it rings in public settings I get a lot of smiles and comments.


That is funny.
Give it time before you hear the "Annoying Thing" ding-ding all over.


Apparently you can customize ring tones by the number that is calling. The secretary of my project has her teenage daughter's phone number tagged with one that causes us all to laugh at our meetings when she gets a call from the young, helpless gal. It is the sound of the plaintive mewing of a kitten.

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