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November 26, 2005


Some Soldier's Mom

Nuff Said. Hooah.

First there is victory. Then there is peace.

Donna, Los Osos, CA

Greetings! I just found your site, and congrats on the beautiful...ahh... handsome baby! What a joy! Thank you for all you do, and my warmest regards to your wife too. One of the by-products of this war, since 9/11, is I have more faith in Americans. The people, and families, in our military are awesome! I forgot there are people like that, that actually understand freedom, and its cost. Since you are from So Cal, you probably get what I mean. I'm a Calif native, love my state, but gads..we have been slowly frayiug away. Take care, and God bless you and your family.
Always grateful,

ET  USN 71-78

Isn't that the truth! It says it all. Best regards!


Major, the cartoon does say it all, but the cartoonist is obviously a lib, he made the anti-war protester much more attractive and hygenic than any I've ever seen.

Thank the troops. Streeter


Thanks Major!

Glenn hit the nail on the head with that one!


So true, so true.


They would claim that we aren't fighting for their freedom. I've heard that one on more than one occassion. They are right, we are fighting for their right to live in a safer place, and to forget responsibility and to say as much outrageous $&%!!!! as they please. Soon, my friend we can pass the torch and make fun of Suthy together! Since 9-11 there has been nearly constant "peace" on the shores of home not because of protesting, but because of the blood of the fallen, and the efforts to keep this GWOT an away game. Alas, I must get back to the 1000 slide stare...

Cheers Pal,

Lisa Gilliam

Great reminder of who it is that truly brings peace and who it is that hastens war.Take that you dimwitted peaceniks.

Jack Rucynski, CSM, US Army (Retired)

Major I happened upon your site today while doing some research for some college courses. I found it very interesting and it brought back some fond memories of how great our soldiers are and what a great job they do. I pray for each and everyone of you and wish you God speed. In case no one has told you today, thank you ever so much for your service to your country, we are proud of each and everyone of you. No doubt in this old soldiers mind who protects our nation and brings peace to the world. Jack (7th CSM of the US Army Reserve).


File this one under "no kidding."

A nice summary of the difference between those who do and those who do nothing.

Elmira Viking

Absolutely right on !!


If I could give Glenn a hug, I would. Nice cartoon.
Take care, Major, and stay sane:)


That's awesome, Major and a great alternative to the sicko Ted Rall http://www.uexpress.com/tedrall/?uc_full_date=20040713 and http://michellemalkin.com/archives/003992.htm whose cartoons I discovered today that made me sick to my stomach.

If only they would understand that their right to "free speech" is handed to them by the men and women whose service they demean.


How true it is!!!
No other words needed...


December 3, 2005

Major K,

Just saw a Fox News report of Congressman Murtha talking about 80% of Iraqis wanting our wonderful troops out and that the Army is BROKEN! I read your reports and know better about Iraqi attitudes and never have I seen the results of a more cohesive, strong and together Army in my ever increasing decades. Though my orientation has been Navy, on this day of days (Forgive me Navy), I say to this unbroken, uncowed and unbeatable force: GO ARMY!!!

God bless the Peacemakers and keep you safe, always.

robert lettiere

I think I ran over that fat guy on wilshire?

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