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November 11, 2005


Becki, Alexandra and Luke

Veterans' Day 2005

Our flag waves high in the breeze,
A reminder to everyone
Of the men and women like you
Who put their lives on the line
In order for our country to stay true.

But you're more than a simple reminder,
You live on, sharing what you've done,
Passing on your knowledge, values and honor
To the generations to come.

Words cannot begin to express
Our gratitude and appreciation,
For all that you have given,
We thank you, on Veterans' Day,
Your day of dedication.

I don't know who wrote this but it's what I wanted to say to you on Veterans' Day.

God Bless and be safe!


I'm so glad you had a good leave, although much too short. Thank you for your service, sir!

I travelled through Dallas a couple of months ago. As my husband travels a good bit, he maintains a membership in the Admirals club. So as we approached the club from our incoming gate, I was watching for any folks in uniform, as I had told hubby that we should see if we could take a serviceperson or two with us. When I got to the entrance and read the notice that military were able to enter ... I was very proud of them as an organization. I'm glad you took advantage of it!


Thinking of you every day....but ESPECIALLY on Veteran's day.

Be well, Major.



I'm from Manhattan (born here, work here, live here). After Sept. 11, 2001 I changed from Democrat to Republican. I started reading The Wall Street Journal, Best of The Web Today, and blogs (especially scrappleface) that bring out the truth, including Foxnews. Then I learned of Rush Limbaugh - and listen to him regularly now. I'm hear on your blog to show my RESPECT for YOU. I'm here today TO HONOR YOU. Please know that I have my flag hanging outside in honor of you and all our veterans as well as our current armed forces. I also kept the light on in my apartment today when I left for work (yes we are open today). My light is left on in honor of YOU, YOURS, and all our armed forces that provide the freedom and liberty that I cherish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Happy Veterans Day and Thank You, Sir!
Your son is adorable and I am glad you had a wonderful leave...


Thank you very much for your service! I'm glad you had such a warm welcome during your leave- topped off by the birth of your son!

I deal with that LA traffic on a daily basis and would have loved it if you were allowed to fire off warning shots!

SSG W's Wife

Happy Veterans Day Major K.
We greet each and every one of our soldiers in style. Our Unit is currently over there roaming the streets of Baghdad. Each time we get word that a few are coming home for R&R, many of us drive to the airport and greet them boys in style! Not enough can be done for our troops!!!


Thank you doesn't cover it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart just the same!
Stay safe!


Welcome home, Major. Enjoy your leave...you've sure as hell earned it.


Hey Major K!
I'm glad Texas treated you well, we are known for that ya know?! hehe. I hope you have a wonderful day, being Veteran's Day and all! Thank you for all that you do and have done! Without you we wouldn't have freedom. THANK YOU!
***hugs and blessings***



I wanted to say "thank you" on this day that we honor all veterans, past and present.

I saw the picture of your new son and I marveled that miracles still happen in a world that seems so torn. It seems the embodiment of the human struggle writ large in a small child, his father in a war zone.

I know that it may seem difficult or embarrassing (and I know that you are 9 hours ahead of us so this is rather late), but I hope, sir, that you would not mind telling your men (and women?) that they are remembred and appreciated. I hope also that you were able to share the idea of the holiday with our Iraqi friends. I understand that they have a similar holiday to memorial day, but I am unsure if they have a veterans' day. It would be something if they started a new holiday that celebrated the sacrifices of the men and women who are now serving their own country and securing it's freedom.

But, that's for another day I suppose, when all is quiet and people have time to reflect on the struggle as it fades away from memory with only the veterans remembering what they did on any given day, most of which that is never written in a history book, but memories of individuals that tell the story better than any bland blurb in a book.

Someday, the story of Iraq will be but a page or two in a small child's history book, your own son's maybe, with but a small paragraph that talks about how US forces trained Iraq's military and police in the new democracy.

It won't even hint at the long hours, the hardships, the difficulty in crossing languages and cultural barriers, the struggle to see these men well trained, the friendships, the sorrow, the pride at a job well done or the fact that, 9,000 miles away, some American soldiers, through dint of everyday working together and a good part of osmosis, changed the face of Iraq.

Those stories will be hidden from us except for those who can reach back into internet history and pull up to re-read what it was really like. Even then, other stories will still be in memories never tapped.

It just reminds me on this day that when we "thank a veteran" we are thanking him or her, not just for what we know, but what we don't know.

So, thank you, sir. God keep you and yours.


Hand Salute Sir, and a big thank you!

Happy Veterans Day!

MissBirdlegs in AL

Happy Veterans Day, Major. Glad your leave was all you hoped and I'm grateful to the folks who take the time to greet your flights and thank you for the rest of us. We do, you know, with all our hearts. Take care.


Congradulations on your new little boy! I wonder if our kids were born about the same time. Our Daniel Nathan was born at 0623, 29 Oct.


Glad to know you are home and sharing wonderful times with your family again!

Thank you for your service!!


My prayers are with you for your safety until you return home to the loving arms of your beloved wife, family and friends and your darling son.


Safe soldiering and be aware your service is appreciated down here as well.

The Down Under Major Kev

ET USN 71-78

Glad you saw our appreciation of vets first-hand. Our love of the troops is genuine, too. If we can ever help you, let us know.

college kid

i know a little something about dirt in the MidEast! I'm here in Egypt for a year studying abroad and I'm also from California... loving my time but awaiting a great return to CLEAN california :) thanks Major K for all you do. -Major M's daughter :)


So glad you were there when your son was born--congratulations to both of you! Stay safe and hurry home to enjoy your little one!


Major, I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted. I thought you went home for good. I am glad you got the reception you deserve. I am very happy for you and your wife and the new baby. Take care sir. THANK YOU!

Sgt Hook

They've been doing that in Dallas/Ft Worth for awhile. When we passed through for R&R from the Stan last year we received such a warm welcome. Does the heart good.


Very interesting.


ah non c bon


un peu court mais pas mal du tout

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